In Review – Sylvania Netbook

You may never have heard of Sylvania products before, but chances are you already have one in your home. Sylvania is a branch of a Japanese electronics corporation that specializes in making consumer-grade electronics for other corporations such as Toshiba and Kodak. The parent company, Funai, decided to try their hand with branding netbooks they were creating as “Sylvania netbooks” and marketing them directly to consumers themselves. While the brand may not be the most stylish around, Sylvania is a trusted leader in manufacturing and their computers are also a testament to their quality.

The only entry Sylvania has made into the netbook market is with the “Magnic Plus.” The netbook itself isn’t anything spectacular performance wise as it only has 1GB of RAM and the standard 1.6GHZ Intel Atom processor. What makes it stand out from the crowd though is the price point that the netbook is sold at. Because Sylvania typically makes things to wholesale to other manufacturers, their products are much cheaper than the name brand netbooks already available on the market. That means that you can snag one of these bad boys for just a fraction of the cost of other big name netbooks like the ASUS EEE PC or Dell Mini.

Speaking of cheaply priced netbooks, there has been a growing trend among consumers looking for netbooks under 100 dollars. Unfortunately, 100 is just too low of a price to ask for all of the technology available within a netbook. While companies are still making a profit each time they sell a netbook to someone, many times the profit margins are so slim that they hardly make a dent in the company’s total earnings. Many companies branched out into the netbook market to expand their product lineups and expand their working brand. With so much competition in the laptop and desktop world, being able to make a mark in a relatively new computing market was important to manufacturers, causing them to drop their prices on their netbooks.

By far the best deal you can nab on a cheap netbook is the Sylvania listed above. It contains all of the same parts and features that mainstream netbooks have and comes at a fraction of the price. And with technology advancing so quickly, prices continue to drop on products like the Magni-Plus and are forcing the mainstream competition to drop their prices farther as well. Now is definitely the time to buy a netbook if you’re new to the market!

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