In Review – Sylvania Netbook

You may never have heard of Sylvania products before, but chances are you already have one in your home. Sylvania is a branch of a Japanese electronics corporation that specializes in making consumer-grade electronics for other corporations such as Toshiba and Kodak. The parent company, Funai, decided to try their hand with branding netbooks they were creating as “Sylvania netbooks” and marketing them directly to consumers themselves. While the brand may not be the most stylish around, Sylvania is a trusted leader in manufacturing and their computers are also a testament to their quality.

The only entry Sylvania has made into the netbook market is with the “Magnic Plus.” The netbook itself isn’t anything spectacular performance wise as it only has 1GB of RAM and the standard 1.6GHZ Intel Atom processor. What makes it stand out from the crowd though is the price point that the netbook is sold at. Because Sylvania typically makes things to wholesale to other manufacturers, their products are much cheaper than the name brand netbooks already available on the market. That means that you can snag one of these bad boys for just a fraction of the cost of other big name netbooks like the ASUS EEE PC or Dell Mini.

Speaking of cheaply priced netbooks, there has been a growing trend among consumers looking for netbooks under 100 dollars. Unfortunately, 100 is just too low of a price to ask for all of the technology available within a netbook. While companies are still making a profit each time they sell a netbook to someone, many times the profit margins are so slim that they hardly make a dent in the company’s total earnings. Many companies branched out into the netbook market to expand their product lineups and expand their working brand. With so much competition in the laptop and desktop world, being able to make a mark in a relatively new computing market was important to manufacturers, causing them to drop their prices on their netbooks.

By far the best deal you can nab on a cheap netbook is the Sylvania listed above. It contains all of the same parts and features that mainstream netbooks have and comes at a fraction of the price. And with technology advancing so quickly, prices continue to drop on products like the Magni-Plus and are forcing the mainstream competition to drop their prices farther as well. Now is definitely the time to buy a netbook if you’re new to the market!

Choosing the Right 7 Inch Tablet PC For You

When you are looking for the right 7 inch tablet pc that will suit your needs there are various things to consider. Things like price, specifications and availability always come into mind and are the first things to consider. If you are one of the many people who would love to own a tablet but can’t decide as to what particular model to get then here’s a simple guide to help you.

Unlike Apple’s iPad that has a relatively uniform price; the best 7 inch tablet pc models are priced at both ends of the spectrum. You have models that come in very cheap while others are priced as high as the iPad. Which model should you get then? The best decision to make is to work on your own budget. Think about how much you are willing to spend on a tablet then go ahead and find specific models within your budget range.

Dual Core or Single Core
The older 7 inch tablet pc models use a single core while the newer ones released this year come with dual core processors. The difference between the two is that you get more power with dual core processors. If you intend to use your tablet to enjoy the latest games then the dual core models are a must, otherwise stick with the single core.

3G or not 3G? That is the question
Tablet manufacturers often release different versions of a particular model. One version might only come with Wi-Fi while another comes with Wi-Fi plus 3G. With a Wi-Fi only model you can only go online when you are connected to a wireless hotspot while the 3G model makes use of your wireless carriers 3G network. If you intend to stay connected constantly the the 3G model will suit you better however be prepared to pay data charges from your chosen carrier.

Operating System
The most popular platform for 7 inch models today is Google’s Android platform. Try to choose a mini pc tablet running either Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 3.0 Honeycomb for Android based tablets. Research In Motion also has a new tablet out in the market which is called the BlackBerry Playbook that runs on BlackBerry tablet OS based on QNX.

New Tools for ICT from ERICSSON

New tools for ICT from Ericsson 23 September 2010

New method for assessing the reduction of energy consumption from the change in telecommunications and information technology solutions (ICT).

ericsson A new reference point towards a more sustainable future came to a unanimous decision of the world’s leading ICT companies. The ICT industry has been recognized for its ability to provide solutions such as e-billing, videoconferencing, digital health (health) and e-learning.Until now, there was no systematic measurement tool of positive effects of these solutions. Such a tool for the identification and measurement of results brings us one step closer to reduce global emissions by 15% or more through technology.

The tool was created by the Boston Consulting Group on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), which is an international cooperation strategy and ICT firms in other sectors and other stakeholders on the issue of sustainability. The new report entitled Evaluation of the impact of ICTs to reduce emissions (Evaluating Carbon-reducing impacts of ICT). The report was published on 1 September and is based in part on the proposed methodology of Ericsson and the White Paper Measuring Emissions Right published in December 2009.

Today, there are several solutions ICT with positive effects on the environment, but are not recognizable as such and understandable outside the ICT industry.Case in point is the Government, replacing products with high energy consumption from corresponding low – as for example the place of meetings with videoconferencing and printed accounts with electronic (e-billing). Other solutions are smart buildings, in which the energy management plays an important role, as well as the applications of e-learning and e-health, which provides opportunities to provide medical advice via the Internet.

The Ericsson case study included in the reference refers to a system of e-health in Croatia, which connects 2400 groups healthcare for advice and recipes on the Internet, with potential for reducing CO2 emissions to the extent of 50. This means that unnecessary travel and the use of technologies to become actions online, we have 50 times less CO2 emissions.

Another example of Ericsson refers to the environmental benefit to developing countries used for financial transactions.The degree of reduction of CO2 emissions of the Ericsson mobile money solution is 90.

Ericsson expands a holistic methodology for effective measurement of carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade, while developing new solutions for society.In addition, it has taken action to increase knowledge about the potential of ICTs to be an important solution to the problem of climate change.This is particularly important, as the negotiations on the climate will culminate in the Conference of the Parties (COP16) in Cancun Mexico in December.

The end of an era for legendary ASUS motherboards

The president of Asustek, Jonney Shih, announced in 2007 his company intention to exempt the company from manufacturing parts for computers and focus on the design of integrated branded products. So on January 2, 2008 two new companies were created, Pegatron and Unihan. Pegatron undertook the manufacturing of components for the PC OEM (integrated device manufacturers) and Unihan undertook the manufacturing of components for non PC devices. Asustek, according to Chinese law, cannot hold shares in other Chinese companies for over 40% of the net value of the company. This created the “Pegatron Investment Holding Co., Ltd.” which will take over the equity of Asustek to Pegatron and provide 2,286,053,935 shares. Of those, Asustek will hold 25% and will distribute to its shareholders the remaining 75% proportion. This process is expected to be completed by July 1, 2010.

Asustek has already discontinued the manufacturing of motherboards and graphics cards in their own manufacturing plants for a year now, once Pegatron was established, but will stop completely the development, design and marketing to final consumers in 2010, so that Pegatron can compete with and devoted to the design of integrated computer solutions and entering into other electronic devices markets. The move to build proprietary solutions such as laptops will leave more profit for the company. Alongside Asustek plans is to built all in one desktop computers with touch screens such as the Apple model.

The close collaboration of Asustek with Intel is widely known, since they could take processor samples first before anyone else. So we see both Intel and Asustek to turn to specialized, embedded, all-in-one consumer electronics. Is this the end of an era for manufacturing of computers by end consumers and small construction companies? In ASUS place we have AShrock and Pegasus, while continuing to have motherboard manufacturers the large MSI and Gigabyte.

The first paperless fax from Panasonic

Yes it is true that the fax technology is still used widely, even in Japan. The market appears to be large enough to make Panasonic to build a fax machine that does not need any paper while allowing users to send and receive messages through the screen and the embedded keyboard. Panasonic will offer different device models under the KX-PW 608 series, which will be available in Japan on 23 January 2009. However there is still no announcement for availability of the device outside Japan. It is like sending email to a mobile phone where users use the integrated keyboard to write messages.

Hackers against Obama through twitter

Hackers invaded twitter accounts of more than 30 well-known public figures and accounts, among them the new USA President of America, Barak Ompama, Britney Spears, Fox News account etc. The attackers have used those accounts to send messages, many of them with aggressive content. According to Twitter, the accounts were hacked via tools that are used for internal support of the company. These are tools used by Twitter employees to modify emails of an account, etc. “We admit that this is a very large security gap and thus we immediately disabled these tools.” Moreover the breached accounts we temporarily disabled.