Hackers against Obama through twitter

Hackers invaded twitter accounts of more than 30 well-known public figures and accounts, among them the new USA President of America, Barak Ompama, Britney Spears, Fox News account etc. The attackers have used those accounts to send messages, many of them with aggressive content. According to Twitter, the accounts were hacked via tools that are used for internal support of the company. These are tools used by Twitter employees to modify emails of an account, etc. “We admit that this is a very large security gap and thus we immediately disabled these tools.” Moreover the breached accounts we temporarily disabled.

Twitter denies takeover proposal from Facebook

Facebook, the well known social networking site, offered 500 million dollars in stock shares for the acquisition of the popular Twitter. The offer included 100 from the 500 million in cash and the remaining amount in stock shares. Twitter refused the offer for several reasons. Firstly, according to the actual Facebook estimated price and its share value, the amount of the acquisition falls to 150 million dollars since Facebook’s share vaue is over-priced in relation to its real value.

Of course these are not little money for a company which is just two years old and has no income and no business model yet, but Twitter hopes to make money from its own business model to be announced next year. Finally, Twitter investors want cash in exchange, something that Facebook does not intend to give in easily.