Learn about the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Problems

Those who have played or play Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will be familiar with the phrase ‘red ring of death’ or ‘3 red lights problem’. But for those who do not know it, the ‘red ring of death’ means the four quarter-circle arcs on the face of the Xbox console which, when glowing red instead of green, indicate something is wrong with the game console.  That ‘something wrong’ could range from a simple loose cable connection to total stoppage of operation or equipment crash, as each arc means a different fault.

Some common problems

A blinking second arc or quadrant, for example, means the console is overheating, so no choice but to switch it off, unplug it off the power source and let it sit to cool off for sometime.  The third arc (3 red lights) indicates hardware failure, and the quick measure is to unplug and reinsert all connections, but if the problem continues, see your repair center. Four blinking red lights mean the audio-video cable is not inserted perfectly. Unplug and reinsert it until it ‘clicks’ into place. If all arcs except one are blinking, you have a general hardware failure and the repair center is your earliest destination.

General failure may be presaged by freezing, errors on the graphics, fine lines on the screen, or audio problems. The console may respond only to power on and off. Such errors may be caused by any or a few of the xbox components, but it can mean likewise that not enough power is being received, either due to external power source fluctuations or the power cable being not perfectly attached to the system.

Another problem is scratched disc indicated with fine rings. It began in 2005, and was reported mainly by European users, although many considered it a minor glitch. However Microsoft was sued in 2007 in Florida for ‘negligent design and manufacture’ of the Xbox, while two other law firms in California and Washington also have filed class lawsuits for the same reason.

Probable causes and possible solutions

One cause for general failure advanced by experts was failure of the solder joints. Due to an additional mass on chips that may have absorbed heat when soldering, the lead-free solder might not have properly melted; the soldering is thus structurally weak. Prolonged use created sufficient heat that could melt the solders, allowing the mother board to warp and flex, unseating it. Some quick solutions include reseating the dislodged units or lowering the heat generated by switching to 65 nm, better done in an Xbox repair center. You can also fix your xbox 360 by yourself with proper instructional videos and repair guides.

User quick fixes are also possible:

  • Three flashing rings but green light on the power supply unit: no option except repair.
  • If power supply light is red, orange when console is on or unlighted, unplug and plug the console to another outlet, then turn it on. This is to see if only the power is at fault. If the problem persists, replace the power supply unit.

Scratched disc was the result of the console being moved while disc is running, incorrect placement of the disc in the tray, or malfunctioning disc tray.

The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights-What Causes It

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

The xbox 360 3 red lights problem is a common problem faced by many 360 owners. A natural reaction may be to think that you have done something wrong again however rest assured this is most likely not your fault. In fact almost 25% of all Xbox 360 owners have been confronted with this problem.

In order to understand this problem need to figure out what causes this problem. The problem is caused by hardware failure. The primary cause of this problem is the machine has overheated. The cause of this overheating can be contributed the lack of ventilation and cooling devices installed in the Xbox 360. While it is possible the extreme extended use can cause this problem it is more likely contributed to a design oversight.

You can rest assured however that this error does not signify that the machine is broken or permanently damaged. In fact the three red lights indicate that the Xbox 360 is actually working. The three red lights are triggered by the machines awareness that is overheating. If this warning system didn’t exist it would most likely burn out. However this problem needs to be addressed and repaired before the machine can be used.

The easiest way to address this problem is to contact manufacturers and warned them of the problem. The customer service rep you speak to will send you a shipping label so that you can send this unit in for repair. Your Xbox is covered under warranty and therefore there is no cost for this repair. The service center will repair this unit and send it back you usually within six weeks.

Of course if you are an avid gamer you are likely to suffer withdrawal to wait six weeks or more for this unit to be repaired and returned. For this reason you may want to consider repairing this you yourself. While the average gamer probably fixes error is important in mind that if you do figure this machine itself you risk voiding your warranty.

Since this repair is covered under warranty it is a better idea to send this unit in and let the experts fix it. However if your Xbox is no longer covered under warranty you may want to repair this yourself since it will cost $140. If you elect to fix this yourself there are several sources online where you cannot team step-by-step directions for this process.

There is one basic fix, it is simple and won’t necessarily affect your warranty. Basically this consists of cooling the machine down long enough for the game to play for short periods of time. While the manufacture will probably not condone this method is known to work. Simply take an ice pack place in a plastic bag and place the bag on top of the machine. Be sure to remove this ice pack before condensation can develop. Ofcourse this is kind of dangerous solution since you can also cause electric problems and burn the xbox. I would suggest a better solution on the following link for xbox 360 3 red lights fix.

Fix Xbox 360 3 red lights Right Now

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

If you arrived to this article you most probably have experienced the dreaded 3 red lights “Ring of Death” on your Xbox 360 and you are desperately looking for a solution. Your Xbox was just fine until one day the power button turned out red with three red lights on it. I totally understand your frustration. I have been in your shoes some time ago.

Let me tell you, first of all do not panic. Although in the recent past the 3 red lights problem was a total disaster for your xbox, fortunately there are solutions for you right now. In the past, there were some unusual and strange solutions like the towel trick (you had to wrap your xbox inside a wet towel supposedly to help you get rid of the three red lights problem), which of course did not work at all. Also, some older Do-It-Yourself solutions required you to be a tech geek with a soldering iron to fix the red ring problem. The Xbox 360 is a serious piece of high tech game console, not a toaster. Moreover, trying the “solder” fix will most likely do more damage and void your warranty from Microsoft.

So, what are your options to fix the Xbox 3 red lights problem?

Well, the first option is to send your device to Microsoft, pay them $140 plus $25 for shipping and handling and then wait for six to eight weeks to get it back. The $140 charge is for units with expired warrantee. However, if your warrantee is still valid, you still have to pay the shipping and handling fee and run into all the hassle to securely package your xbox, send it to Microsoft and then wait for two months to get it back. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of money and fuss just to fix your Xbox 360?

The second option is to buy one of the Step-By-Step repair guides available online which show you with High Definition video and clear pictures how to permanently fix your Xbox 3 red light problem once and for all. This is what I used to fix my own 360 within 2 hours. You cannot imagine the relief on my face when I saw all the green lights on the power button again. The solution I have chosen is the most reliable one as it comes from tech pros that know the inner workings of xbox 360 better than anyone else, plus they provide real customer support.

Xbox 360 3 red lights

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

The dreaded xbox 360 3 red lights problem is something no one wants to experience. Especially when you are in the middle of that game campaign in which you desperately want to finish off all your enemies!!!

So what do you do when your xbox 360 rolls over and dies on you because of the 3 red lights of death? Something to clarify here is that the 3 red lights problem is sometimes referred to as “Red Ring of Death”. The picture below shows how the three red lights error looks like on the xbox power button.

If the three red lights problem happens to you then don’t panic. In the past, the 3 red lights problem meant that your gaming experience was over and that your console was finally dead. That was because all the known solutions for the problem were not working at all. Fortunately, now things changed dramatically since you can fix your 3 red lights ring of death permanently.

Microsoft finally acknowledged the problem with its flagship gaming console (xbox 360) and offers you a repair solution. HOWEVER, Microsoft will charge you $140 plus shipping and handling ($25 more) in order for you to send your faulty xbox to them and have it fixed. This will take around 8 weeks before you have your unit back.

If you followed the old style DIY solutions then you had to get your soldering iron out and do the work that only skilled technicians should be doing. Your Xbox 360 is a serious piece of equipment, after all. It’s not a kettle! Moreover you can find some other weird solutions out there that tell you to wrap your console in a towel or something like that promising that the 3 red lights will go away. Don’t believe those myths.

Fortunately there are better solutions to fix your xbox 360 3 red lights problem . The best and most reliable solution I encountered comes directly from tech pros who know the inner workings of the Xbox 360 better than anyone else. I personally used their fix solution and worked pretty well. It was a great relief seeing all green lights again on my xbox power button. The videos and pictures in their Do-It-Yourself solution were amazing, taking me by the hand and showing me step-by-step how to fix my console.

In fact, they even guarantee their method will rid your Xbox 360 of its 3 red lights within 2 hours!

You can use their system with complete confidence. They offer full customer support, from real people.

Those 3 red lights will be a distant memory.

To discover this simple solution for yourself, and to be gaming on your 360 again in less than 2 hours, check out The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Guide.

Ps3 Repair Guide – How To Fix Ps3 Problems… In Less Than 1 Hour

If you don’t know how to fix your ps3 problems, than don’t get disappointed. But, if you know how to fix them, it’s getting easier. For those who don’t know how to fix the ps3 errors, take a look below. I’ve put up tips and options for you which work well to fix the problems you get on your playstation 3.

Check out the following PS3 Repair Guide first.

How to fix the Ps3 problems? A few tips to start with first.

1)Turn off your playstation 3. If you think your ps3 has been caught by the heat, then wait at least 20 minutes and put it back on again

2) Check if there’s any loose cable.

3) Try to put out your playstation’s hard-drive, and put it back in. You might want to repeat this 2-3 times for better results.

If this did not work, then there are 2 options left for you on how to fix your ps3 safe and fast!

Send your playstation 3 back to Sony

You might think that this is an great option, but take a look at some statistics. Most users had to wait at least 4-6 weeks before they had their Console back. And also, if your warranty is expired, you have to pay a big fat $150,- to get the job done! Does this still sound as a good option?

The last option is to repair your console by yourself.

When you fix your ps3 problems by yourself, you will take control in your own hands. Meaning that you decide how much it costs and that you decide how long it will take to fix it. This is the best and most recommended way to fix your ps3 savefully and fast! Users who didn’t know a thing about Hardware, have fixed it within 1 hour with the use of a repair guide. You should really use a guide because if you don’t, it will be guess work.

Why would you pay $150 to Sony?

Seriously, there’s no need of paying Sony your hard earned $150. And no, you don’t have to wait for weeks to get your Ps3 repaired and fixed to be play able again. The only thing you need to do, in order to reach this, is get yourself a Playstation 3 Repair guide. This will fix all your problem you have on your Ps3. It will explain any problem on the Ps3 to you, with good and easy understandable instructions that comes along with detailed photo’s.

If you use a PS3 repair guide, it will help you by giving step by step information with pictures and videos. This is a really effecient and effective way of fixing your console!

Why would you pay Sony $150,- if you can repair it by yourself? There’s no better way on how to fix ps3 problems than fixing it by yourself. Need more information? Feel free to visit: Playstation 3 Problems Repair Guide

PS3 Freezing Problems – How To Repair My Playstation 3 That Freezes

When your Ps3 has freezing problems, it has to be repaired. A playstation 3 that freezes regularly, could do damage to your playstation 3 console, and to your CD, DvD or to your Blu-Ray disc.. However you want to call it. But, how can you repair it? There are 4 basic ways to do this.

How to Repair Ps3 Freezing Problems?

The freezing problems on your PS3 are caused by heat. So it’s quite obvious that you have to cool down your Playstation 3 to stop the freezes. So let’s begin with number one.

1) Keep your Ps3 on a cool place. Think about cool ground or something else that’s cool. Be a little creative on this. But, don’t use wet towels or something. It doesn’t fix your playstation 3, it only makes it more broken.

2) Restart your playstation 3. This might stop the freezing problems, but it’s also possible that it doesn’t have effect at all. But it’s worth a try though.

3) Was your Playstation 3 hot when the freezes happened? Try to cool it down by putting your ps3 off. This actually might solve the freezing problems.

4) The last option is to check your cables. Is there any loose cable? If so, then plug it out and back in. Didn’t work? Take out all the cables that are plugged in But not the power cord. Once you’ve done this, plug them back in.


If this didn’t work, then there’s high likely that you have to take your Ps3 console apart. This means that you have to actually open it.

What to do now?

To do this, there are 2 ways. You either send your Ps3 Back to Sony, or else you will fix your playstation 3 freezing problems by yourself. It’s not really hard to do it by yourself, you just need some knowledge about how to open, and what to do when it’s opened. A Playstation 3 repair guide is a great outcome for this.

Send to Sony.. Good Idea? not!

This might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Really. Take a look at this. You have to wait around 5 weeks to get your Playstation 3 back. This is because of the shipping/handling. Also, if your warranty has been expired, you will have to pay $150,- That’s quite a lot for an easy repair like this…

Ps3 freezing problems repaired by…YOU!

You might think, huh? How the heck can I do this. Well, it’s quite simple. Once you get advice from a playstation 3 repair guide, it will be easy to fix the freezing problems on your playstation 3 by yourself. Why should you wait 5 weeks to get your Ps3 back, if you could do it on this day, right now!

Why would you pay $150,- if you could do it for way less? Seriously, don’t send it to Sony because you Think that you can’t fix it yourself. Because you can!

Fix Playstation 3 Flashing Light Of Death In 1 Hour

When your Ps3 has the Blinking Problem, it’s a need to fix it. But how can you actually repair the Flashing light of death, that’s troubleshooting your Ps3? The Flashing light of death comes in 3 colours. Yellow, red and green. If you have one of these lights of death on your Playstation 3, then you have the so called “blinking problem”. But how can you fix it?

Keep it cool!

First you have to know that it’s mostly because of he overheating. So this leads us directly to tip number one. Keep your playstation 3 always on a cool place. This will avoid the blinking light of death problem. How you do this?

Well, it’s quite simple. You could keep your ps3 on cool ground, you could also have a small fan blowing wind on your playstation 3. This cools it also very effectively. Just be a little creative on this and you’ll barely get the blinking flashing light of death problem.

What to do?

What you could do are the following few steps.

1) Restart your Ps3.

2) Check for any loose cables.

3) Unplug all your cables, except the power cord. If oyu did this, plug them back in.

Did one of these tips work? If not, please visit this site: Ps3 Blinking Light of Death Problem Tips It contains a bunch of more helpful tips that could fix your blinking flashing light of death problem!

Nothing worked… What option do I got now?!

Now the tips didn’t work, you could do 2 things. You either send your PS3 to sony and let them fix the blinking problem. Or you could actually fix it yourself with the use of a Playstation 3 repair guide. A guide like this contains detailed instructions and pictures, so your repair will be a guaranteed success! Let’s dig a bit deeper on this.

Send My Ps3 to Sony – Good Idea? Not!

This might seem like a good idea, but it’s really not. Why? Simply because of 3 reasons.

First of all, it will take you 2-5 weeks before you will see your Ps3 console back. And then there’s the question left. Is it fixed? Also, if your warranty has been expired you will have to pay $150,- for the repairs. This is a shame because you have payed big for your console.

Playstation 3 Repair Guide? Will it fix my blinking problems? Yes, Yes, YES!

This is the best option you have… This is a guaranteed way of repairing your flashing light of death problems. Why? Simply because every single error or problem a Ps3 can have is in it. It’s all explained with detailed instructions and pictures so you can’t fail! Also, it’s way cheaper. It will cost you $25,- but than you can repair your Ps3 anything when it gets an error.

What would you choose? Send your ps3 to Sony and let them repair it in 2-5 weeks and pay $150,-? Or repair the blinking problems by yourself with the use of a Playstation 3 repair guide that could repair your Ps3 today, for $25,-? It’s quite obvious what choice is the best… right?

Check this out!

Check out why fixing the blinking problem with a Playstation 3 repair guide is so powerful and a 100% guaranteed repair! Playstation 3 Repair Guide Revealed.

Xbox 360 Troubleshooting: Xbox 360 Fix 3 Red Lights

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Fix Xbox 360 HERE


Appearance of the three blinking red lights on your Xbox 360 game console is a familiar problem and in this article I will try to offer some solutions to rectify this nagging problem.

The 3 blinking red lights point to an internal error and might be ascribed to common breakdown of hardware.

Try out the following simple fix if you like:

Step one involves removal of memory units and hard drive.

At step 2, under the system blade run the INITIAL SETUP.

At step three, decline the insertion of memory unit or HDD prompt offer with a negative reply (you will get a prompt about this, and just go ahead and decline it.)

Finally you need to sync the controller & pop in a game. Keep reading for more details below.

Due to the widespread occurrence of the three red light fault, Microsoft is offering a new 3 year free warranty.

If your Xbox 360 console is older than three years, you need to shell out $150 as fixing expense, along with shipping costs.

The other affordable and quicker alternative is to get hold of instructional videos to help you fix the three red lights problem. The steps are so easy to follow and you don’t need to be an expert to decode the unique instructions. It will allow you to fix your Xbox 360 3 red lights yourself, in a jiffy, under sixty minutes.

These are commonly called “DIY Xbox 360 repair guides”, are available in plenty all over the www, are cheap, useful and have received lots of media reporting and gathered attention from all quarters in recent times. These are absolutely worth a purchase.

Fixing Xbox 360 – Hard Drive & Memory Unit

If your Xbox 360 game console 120 GB hdd is giving you problem & you are encountering lots of problems with it, you may do better by paying attention to the following Xbox 360 fix tips and tricks:

If the trouble is with your hdd not being listed as a storage device, you have to take on the following steps in consecutive order:

Step 1 involves inserting the hard drive into the hard disck drive bay completely. It should look level. Now you should shut down the Xbox 360 game console. Then you have to turn it on again.

Step 2 you should concentrate on switching off the console and the hdd’s removal. Yet again the console has to be turned on and then switched off again. The next instruction is the reattachment of the hard disck drive.

The final step will involve testing of the hard drive on another game console, but for that you need to get hold of one. The other alternative is to try another new hard drive on your existing game console and find out if the trouble can be pinpointed or rectified.

Instead of hard disck drive, you may swap over to memory units which are transferable and can store large amounts of information.

Repairing the Memory Unit of Xbox 360 game console

First you have to carefully place in the memory unit entirely in to the memory unit slot. You will find the latter in front of the console of Xbox 360.

There is also the other memory unit slot where you have to insert it to determine the problem.

Regularly it has been found out that the fault lies with the original memory unit. In case of such a possibility, you need to test the second memory unit.

Your Xbox control panel wont show and could be crushed through the placing of damaged/crushed memory units.

XBOX LAN Game Party with two and three players

In this post I will show you how to set up a Home LAN Game Party with two or three players using Xbox (Similar concept is used also for PlayStation). You can use the “System Link” feature of Xbox to connect together in the same house two or more Xbox consoles, as we will see in the diagrams below. The multiplayer game that you use must support the System Link feature. For example, the Halo 2 game supports this functionality.

Connecting Two Xbox Consoles:

For this Game LAN party you will need two TV sets, two Xbox, an Xbox System Link cable, and multiplayer games.

Connect each Xbox console to a TV set and use the Xbox System Link Cable to connect together the two consoles (use the Ethernet Ports of the console). Then, follow the multiplayer instructions of your game to start playing.

Connecting Three Xbox Consoles:

In this setup you will need an Ethernet Hub or Switch (preferably use Switch). You will not need the System Link cable in this scenario, but you still need to use normal straight through Ethernet Cables. Connect each Xbox console with Ethernet Cable to the Switch. Follow the multiplayer instructions of your game to start your Home LAN Game party.

How does Xbox Live Work

With every new Xbox 360 purchase, you get a 1-month free Gold membership to XBOX LIVE. There are two membership levels, the Free Silver Membership that gives you access to community features, friends lists etc, and the Premier Gold membership (monthly fee) which allows you to play online multiplayer games. In xbox live you can play games in multiplayer mode, get High Definition Movies, watch TV shows and more. Whether your friends are across the street or on the other side of the globe, you can play with them from the comfort of your home.

Continue reading “How does Xbox Live Work”