Fix Playstation 3 Flashing Light Of Death In 1 Hour

When your Ps3 has the Blinking Problem, it’s a need to fix it. But how can you actually repair the Flashing light of death, that’s troubleshooting your Ps3? The Flashing light of death comes in 3 colours. Yellow, red and green. If you have one of these lights of death on your Playstation 3, then you have the so called “blinking problem”. But how can you fix it?

Keep it cool!

First you have to know that it’s mostly because of he overheating. So this leads us directly to tip number one. Keep your playstation 3 always on a cool place. This will avoid the blinking light of death problem. How you do this?

Well, it’s quite simple. You could keep your ps3 on cool ground, you could also have a small fan blowing wind on your playstation 3. This cools it also very effectively. Just be a little creative on this and you’ll barely get the blinking flashing light of death problem.

What to do?

What you could do are the following few steps.

1) Restart your Ps3.

2) Check for any loose cables.

3) Unplug all your cables, except the power cord. If oyu did this, plug them back in.

Did one of these tips work? If not, please visit this site: Ps3 Blinking Light of Death Problem Tips It contains a bunch of more helpful tips that could fix your blinking flashing light of death problem!

Nothing worked… What option do I got now?!

Now the tips didn’t work, you could do 2 things. You either send your PS3 to sony and let them fix the blinking problem. Or you could actually fix it yourself with the use of a Playstation 3 repair guide. A guide like this contains detailed instructions and pictures, so your repair will be a guaranteed success! Let’s dig a bit deeper on this.

Send My Ps3 to Sony – Good Idea? Not!

This might seem like a good idea, but it’s really not. Why? Simply because of 3 reasons.

First of all, it will take you 2-5 weeks before you will see your Ps3 console back. And then there’s the question left. Is it fixed? Also, if your warranty has been expired you will have to pay $150,- for the repairs. This is a shame because you have payed big for your console.

Playstation 3 Repair Guide? Will it fix my blinking problems? Yes, Yes, YES!

This is the best option you have… This is a guaranteed way of repairing your flashing light of death problems. Why? Simply because every single error or problem a Ps3 can have is in it. It’s all explained with detailed instructions and pictures so you can’t fail! Also, it’s way cheaper. It will cost you $25,- but than you can repair your Ps3 anything when it gets an error.

What would you choose? Send your ps3 to Sony and let them repair it in 2-5 weeks and pay $150,-? Or repair the blinking problems by yourself with the use of a Playstation 3 repair guide that could repair your Ps3 today, for $25,-? It’s quite obvious what choice is the best… right?

Check this out!

Check out why fixing the blinking problem with a Playstation 3 repair guide is so powerful and a 100% guaranteed repair! Playstation 3 Repair Guide Revealed.

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