PS3 Freezing Problems – How To Repair My Playstation 3 That Freezes

When your Ps3 has freezing problems, it has to be repaired. A playstation 3 that freezes regularly, could do damage to your playstation 3 console, and to your CD, DvD or to your Blu-Ray disc.. However you want to call it. But, how can you repair it? There are 4 basic ways to do this.

How to Repair Ps3 Freezing Problems?

The freezing problems on your PS3 are caused by heat. So it’s quite obvious that you have to cool down your Playstation 3 to stop the freezes. So let’s begin with number one.

1) Keep your Ps3 on a cool place. Think about cool ground or something else that’s cool. Be a little creative on this. But, don’t use wet towels or something. It doesn’t fix your playstation 3, it only makes it more broken.

2) Restart your playstation 3. This might stop the freezing problems, but it’s also possible that it doesn’t have effect at all. But it’s worth a try though.

3) Was your Playstation 3 hot when the freezes happened? Try to cool it down by putting your ps3 off. This actually might solve the freezing problems.

4) The last option is to check your cables. Is there any loose cable? If so, then plug it out and back in. Didn’t work? Take out all the cables that are plugged in But not the power cord. Once you’ve done this, plug them back in.


If this didn’t work, then there’s high likely that you have to take your Ps3 console apart. This means that you have to actually open it.

What to do now?

To do this, there are 2 ways. You either send your Ps3 Back to Sony, or else you will fix your playstation 3 freezing problems by yourself. It’s not really hard to do it by yourself, you just need some knowledge about how to open, and what to do when it’s opened. A Playstation 3 repair guide is a great outcome for this.

Send to Sony.. Good Idea? not!

This might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Really. Take a look at this. You have to wait around 5 weeks to get your Playstation 3 back. This is because of the shipping/handling. Also, if your warranty has been expired, you will have to pay $150,- That’s quite a lot for an easy repair like this…

Ps3 freezing problems repaired by…YOU!

You might think, huh? How the heck can I do this. Well, it’s quite simple. Once you get advice from a playstation 3 repair guide, it will be easy to fix the freezing problems on your playstation 3 by yourself. Why should you wait 5 weeks to get your Ps3 back, if you could do it on this day, right now!

Why would you pay $150,- if you could do it for way less? Seriously, don’t send it to Sony because you Think that you can’t fix it yourself. Because you can!

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