Xbox 360 3 red lights

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

The dreaded xbox 360 3 red lights problem is something no one wants to experience. Especially when you are in the middle of that game campaign in which you desperately want to finish off all your enemies!!!

So what do you do when your xbox 360 rolls over and dies on you because of the 3 red lights of death? Something to clarify here is that the 3 red lights problem is sometimes referred to as “Red Ring of Death”. The picture below shows how the three red lights error looks like on the xbox power button.

If the three red lights problem happens to you then don’t panic. In the past, the 3 red lights problem meant that your gaming experience was over and that your console was finally dead. That was because all the known solutions for the problem were not working at all. Fortunately, now things changed dramatically since you can fix your 3 red lights ring of death permanently.

Microsoft finally acknowledged the problem with its flagship gaming console (xbox 360) and offers you a repair solution. HOWEVER, Microsoft will charge you $140 plus shipping and handling ($25 more) in order for you to send your faulty xbox to them and have it fixed. This will take around 8 weeks before you have your unit back.

If you followed the old style DIY solutions then you had to get your soldering iron out and do the work that only skilled technicians should be doing. Your Xbox 360 is a serious piece of equipment, after all. It’s not a kettle! Moreover you can find some other weird solutions out there that tell you to wrap your console in a towel or something like that promising that the 3 red lights will go away. Don’t believe those myths.

Fortunately there are better solutions to fix your xbox 360 3 red lights problem . The best and most reliable solution I encountered comes directly from tech pros who know the inner workings of the Xbox 360 better than anyone else. I personally used their fix solution and worked pretty well. It was a great relief seeing all green lights again on my xbox power button. The videos and pictures in their Do-It-Yourself solution were amazing, taking me by the hand and showing me step-by-step how to fix my console.

In fact, they even guarantee their method will rid your Xbox 360 of its 3 red lights within 2 hours!

You can use their system with complete confidence. They offer full customer support, from real people.

Those 3 red lights will be a distant memory.

To discover this simple solution for yourself, and to be gaming on your 360 again in less than 2 hours, check out The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Guide.

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