XBOX LAN Game Party with two and three players

In this post I will show you how to set up a Home LAN Game Party with two or three players using Xbox (Similar concept is used also for PlayStation). You can use the “System Link” feature of Xbox to connect together in the same house two or more Xbox consoles, as we will see in the diagrams below. The multiplayer game that you use must support the System Link feature. For example, the Halo 2¬†game supports this functionality.

Connecting Two Xbox Consoles:

For this Game LAN party you will need two TV sets, two Xbox, an Xbox System Link cable, and multiplayer games.

Connect each Xbox console to a TV set and use the Xbox System Link Cable to connect together the two consoles (use the Ethernet Ports of the console). Then, follow the multiplayer instructions of your game to start playing.

Connecting Three Xbox Consoles:

In this setup you will need an Ethernet Hub or Switch (preferably use Switch). You will not need the System Link cable in this scenario, but you still need to use normal straight through Ethernet Cables. Connect each Xbox console with Ethernet Cable to the Switch. Follow the multiplayer instructions of your game to start your Home LAN Game party.

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