The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights-What Causes It

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

The xbox 360 3 red lights problem is a common problem faced by many 360 owners. A natural reaction may be to think that you have done something wrong again however rest assured this is most likely not your fault. In fact almost 25% of all Xbox 360 owners have been confronted with this problem.

In order to understand this problem need to figure out what causes this problem. The problem is caused by hardware failure. The primary cause of this problem is the machine has overheated. The cause of this overheating can be contributed the lack of ventilation and cooling devices installed in the Xbox 360. While it is possible the extreme extended use can cause this problem it is more likely contributed to a design oversight.

You can rest assured however that this error does not signify that the machine is broken or permanently damaged. In fact the three red lights indicate that the Xbox 360 is actually working. The three red lights are triggered by the machines awareness that is overheating. If this warning system didn’t exist it would most likely burn out. However this problem needs to be addressed and repaired before the machine can be used.

The easiest way to address this problem is to contact manufacturers and warned them of the problem. The customer service rep you speak to will send you a shipping label so that you can send this unit in for repair. Your Xbox is covered under warranty and therefore there is no cost for this repair. The service center will repair this unit and send it back you usually within six weeks.

Of course if you are an avid gamer you are likely to suffer withdrawal to wait six weeks or more for this unit to be repaired and returned. For this reason you may want to consider repairing this you yourself. While the average gamer probably fixes error is important in mind that if you do figure this machine itself you risk voiding your warranty.

Since this repair is covered under warranty it is a better idea to send this unit in and let the experts fix it. However if your Xbox is no longer covered under warranty you may want to repair this yourself since it will cost $140. If you elect to fix this yourself there are several sources online where you cannot team step-by-step directions for this process.

There is one basic fix, it is simple and won’t necessarily affect your warranty. Basically this consists of cooling the machine down long enough for the game to play for short periods of time. While the manufacture will probably not condone this method is known to work. Simply take an ice pack place in a plastic bag and place the bag on top of the machine. Be sure to remove this ice pack before condensation can develop. Ofcourse this is kind of dangerous solution since you can also cause electric problems and burn the xbox. I would suggest a better solution on the following link for xbox 360 3 red lights fix.

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