Xbox 360 Troubleshooting: Xbox 360 Fix 3 Red Lights

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

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Appearance of the three blinking red lights on your Xbox 360 game console is a familiar problem and in this article I will try to offer some solutions to rectify this nagging problem.

The 3 blinking red lights point to an internal error and might be ascribed to common breakdown of hardware.

Try out the following simple fix if you like:

Step one involves removal of memory units and hard drive.

At step 2, under the system blade run the INITIAL SETUP.

At step three, decline the insertion of memory unit or HDD prompt offer with a negative reply (you will get a prompt about this, and just go ahead and decline it.)

Finally you need to sync the controller & pop in a game. Keep reading for more details below.

Due to the widespread occurrence of the three red light fault, Microsoft is offering a new 3 year free warranty.

If your Xbox 360 console is older than three years, you need to shell out $150 as fixing expense, along with shipping costs.

The other affordable and quicker alternative is to get hold of instructional videos to help you fix the three red lights problem. The steps are so easy to follow and you don’t need to be an expert to decode the unique instructions. It will allow you to fix your Xbox 360 3 red lights yourself, in a jiffy, under sixty minutes.

These are commonly called “DIY Xbox 360 repair guides”, are available in plenty all over the www, are cheap, useful and have received lots of media reporting and gathered attention from all quarters in recent times. These are absolutely worth a purchase.

Fixing Xbox 360 – Hard Drive & Memory Unit

If your Xbox 360 game console 120 GB hdd is giving you problem & you are encountering lots of problems with it, you may do better by paying attention to the following Xbox 360 fix tips and tricks:

If the trouble is with your hdd not being listed as a storage device, you have to take on the following steps in consecutive order:

Step 1 involves inserting the hard drive into the hard disck drive bay completely. It should look level. Now you should shut down the Xbox 360 game console. Then you have to turn it on again.

Step 2 you should concentrate on switching off the console and the hdd’s removal. Yet again the console has to be turned on and then switched off again. The next instruction is the reattachment of the hard disck drive.

The final step will involve testing of the hard drive on another game console, but for that you need to get hold of one. The other alternative is to try another new hard drive on your existing game console and find out if the trouble can be pinpointed or rectified.

Instead of hard disck drive, you may swap over to memory units which are transferable and can store large amounts of information.

Repairing the Memory Unit of Xbox 360 game console

First you have to carefully place in the memory unit entirely in to the memory unit slot. You will find the latter in front of the console of Xbox 360.

There is also the other memory unit slot where you have to insert it to determine the problem.

Regularly it has been found out that the fault lies with the original memory unit. In case of such a possibility, you need to test the second memory unit.

Your Xbox control panel wont show and could be crushed through the placing of damaged/crushed memory units.

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