Fix Xbox 360 3 red lights Right Now

xbox 360 3 red lights fix

How to Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

If you arrived to this article you most probably have experienced the dreaded 3 red lights “Ring of Death” on your Xbox 360 and you are desperately looking for a solution. Your Xbox was just fine until one day the power button turned out red with three red lights on it. I totally understand your frustration. I have been in your shoes some time ago.

Let me tell you, first of all do not panic. Although in the recent past the 3 red lights problem was a total disaster for your xbox, fortunately there are solutions for you right now. In the past, there were some unusual and strange solutions like the towel trick (you had to wrap your xbox inside a wet towel supposedly to help you get rid of the three red lights problem), which of course did not work at all. Also, some older Do-It-Yourself solutions required you to be a tech geek with a soldering iron to fix the red ring problem. The Xbox 360 is a serious piece of high tech game console, not a toaster. Moreover, trying the “solder” fix will most likely do more damage and void your warranty from Microsoft.

So, what are your options to fix the Xbox 3 red lights problem?

Well, the first option is to send your device to Microsoft, pay them $140 plus $25 for shipping and handling and then wait for six to eight weeks to get it back. The $140 charge is for units with expired warrantee. However, if your warrantee is still valid, you still have to pay the shipping and handling fee and run into all the hassle to securely package your xbox, send it to Microsoft and then wait for two months to get it back. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of money and fuss just to fix your Xbox 360?

The second option is to buy one of the Step-By-Step repair guides available online which show you with High Definition video and clear pictures how to permanently fix your Xbox 3 red light problem once and for all. This is what I used to fix my own 360 within 2 hours. You cannot imagine the relief on my face when I saw all the green lights on the power button again. The solution I have chosen is the most reliable one as it comes from tech pros that know the inner workings of xbox 360 better than anyone else, plus they provide real customer support.

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