Article Marketing Robot Review

In addition to being a technology geek and technology professional, I’m also very interested and “addicted” into Affiliate Marketing. During my free time, I enjoy working on my own personal websites which are also used to promote products for affiliate commissions. It is a nice feeling to get some extra cash every month from affiliate commissions. I have learned SEO, backlinking and free organic search engine marketing which can bring very targeted traffic to the products that you are promoting.

In my arsenal of tools I have also Article Marketing Robot. This is the backbone of my backlinking strategy. The tool is a massive article directory submitter. It can post a single article to over 1000 article directories. I just import a “spin ready” article into AMR and hit a button. Before publishing the article, you need to create accounts to those article directories. Do I have to do this manually? Ofcourse not. AMR is able to create all accounts for you automatically. It even logs into your email account to verify the registrations.

For directories that have captcha, the tool can also use captcha solving automatically. You can even schedule the submissions so they do not all happen at once. The RSS export feature will give you all RSS feeds for the published articles so that you can submit them to RSS aggregators.

How I use AMR:

I use it for linking to both my money sites and also to other Web2.0 properties that I have as satellites. I use variations of my main keyword as anchor texts in the resource box of my articles. This gives me natural linking.

Needless to say that my ranking get skyrocketed after each AMR article submission.

Visit the official site here for more information: Article Marketing Robot Website.

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