Cisco Home Security IP Surveillance Camera

Cisco has recently entered the Physical Security market with video surveillance and access control solutions that integrate web-based software with video broadcast hardware for various physical security implementations.

In my two other posts about Home Security Monitoring with Linksys Camera and Using Skype with WebCam for Security, I described two rather cheap and simple solutions for Home Security Video Surveillance. If you need a more professional (and ofcourse more expensive) solution for remote video security monitoring, the Cisco 2500 series IP security camera is an ideal product.

The 2500 Video Camera (shown above) is a professional High-Resolution digital device with an enhanced, progressive scan imager for excellent video and color, even in the most demanding lighting conditions. It uses MPEG-4 video compression to produce DVD quality video and has several security features such as motion detection, alarm input and output etc. Video picture resolution is 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL). The camera can examine designated areas for activity and notify users when a predefined threshold is exceeded. You can access the video output from the camera with a normal web browser from anywhere in the world (you just need to have IP connectivity to the camera). An analog BNC connector can also provide you with local video output.

Summarizing, the Cisco 2500 camera is a professional video surveillance solution that can be used in a variety of environments for physical monitoring (low lighting, day or night monitoring etc) and is an ideal platform for integration and operation as an independent device or as part of a Cisco Video Surveillance network.

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