Evaluation of Soundtaxi professional

It must have happened many times to you that you found a music file you had been searching for long on the net but when you tried to play it after downloading, it did not play. It is really very frustrating but you could not do anything about it. There are lots of music everywhere and millions of music lovers. People who matter in music industry know this and they do not want copying of music so they made so many formats of music.

Internet is used by millions to get free music and there is actually a sea of music on the net. Music owners know that they cannot hide music but they can certainly keep it in formats which make it impossible to listen to the music after downloading. This happens all the time to music lovers making it an irritating experience as people normally do not have a program to convert downloaded file into a format that can be played on their PC.

But today there is a program for just this purpose. Soundtaxi professional is a program that can convert all formats into the formats that can be easily played on your computer or mobile phone. It has the capacity of removing DRM protected files into formats that play easily on your iPod. What is great is that these converted files also play on your cell phone.

Irrespective of whether they are DRM protected or not, Soundtaxi supports all formats. It easily understands all the formats such as WMV, MP4, M4P, AAC etc converting them into unprotected WAV, MP3, and MPEG4 formats files without DRM. Soundtaxi professional is really great as it can convert files from iTunes, Napster, Yahoo Music, MSNMusic also.

Copyrights owners make use of Digital Rights Management or DRM to make it difficult to download and copy their music from the net. But Soundtaxi makes it possible by installing quickly and doing it all in a few seconds. It converts the formats of the downloaded files in seconds and in a few clicks you get to listen to music of your choice.

You can expect sound customer support from the company and users say they never face a problem in getting a reply to their queries from the company. If you are a compulsive music lover and download music frequently, Soundtaxi is a good program to have in your PC. What makes the software special is the fact that converted files play easily on all mobile phones.

Soundtaxi professional is a very fast application that converts files into your chosen formats within seconds and the output sound is also very good. It is also very easy to use and anyone can convert music files even if he is using it for the first time. Simple user interface makes it possible.

Some users reported problems of program crashing when downloading music from site like iTunes. The company responded quickly with a new version that solved all such problems. It would be fair to say that Soundtaxi professional is a real asset for music lovers as it makes possible for them to listen to music they had been unable to hear hitherto.

We do not agree with breaking DRM protection from music. You can do it only if you have purchased the music and you just want to play the file on different media players.

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