Fix Microsoft Windows After Virus Infection

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The first step is to know a little something about computer viruses. To put it simply a virus is an unwanted computer program. These programs have many names: virus, spyware, adware and malware. They range in functions including making your computer sick (virus), stealing you identity (spyware), and allowing unwanted pop ups and commercial ads (adware).

The virus gets its’ name from its’ ability to reproduce itself and to travel from computer to computer, infecting them as it goes along (in the same way that a cold virus infects humans). You can pick up a virus through the internet, a network, or a shared DVD or USB drive.

Once the virus is in your computer, it attaches itself to program files. When you run the program, the virus becomes active, infecting your computer.

The damage a virus does is dependent on the type of virus. Adware is little more than an annoyance. Spyware is dangerous because it goes undetected while it enables others to see your personal information (credit card numbers, name and address, etc.) A true virus is one that corrupts your files, and damages your programs. There are serious risks involved in allowing viruses to go undetected. A virus that is not deleted may eventually crash your computer.

There are signs to look for to detect a virus. An infected computer will become sluggish, you may have trouble booting up your system, you will get error reports. If you have any of these you need to fix Microsoft Windows before any further damage is done.

The best way to fix Microsoft Windows is to detect the virus early and have it removed. There are many antivirus software programs capable of doing this for you.

Antivirus software scans your computer’s files and programs. Once a virus is detected, the software removes the virus. Most antivirus software will also repair any damage that has been done to your computer.
The easiest way to fix Microsoft Windows is early detection and removal of a virus. Antivirus software is cheap compared to the damage a virus can cause. They are easy to use. You simply insert the disk and follow the on screen directions. You can purchase software at retail stores or online. the Revolutionary Online PC Repair Tool! Click here!

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