Fujitsu Flepia – The new Kindle

Fujitsu got jealous of Amazon and created the color version of Kindle ! The new product is designed to read newspapers electronically, and is being tested these days by Fujitsu in various cafes in Japan. It is a very thin display device with e-ink technology (electronic ink) that consumes minimal battery energy (50 hours of operation time), while the reading experience is very relaxing as the screen is illuminated by the light of the environment like a normal book. The big difference from the Kindle is that it has a larger display size of 12 inches and 4096 colors so you can see color photos as well.

The screen of the Fujitsu device does not work with video since the screen turns off slowly, however, it is very relaxing to the eyes for reading static pages. The device is called the Fujitsu Flepia, it has WiFi and accepts 1-4GB memory and its thickness is only 12 mm. The Fujitsu e-book device will be running Windows CE 5.0.

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