How is 2008 coming up for us regarding information security

There is a lot happening in the information security world. 2008 appears to be a newsworthy year in these regards. Below are some matters to keep an eye on for 2008, some of them are good and, unfortunately, some aren’t.

First the good news:

  • We are getting a lot better about information security. This bears a lot of reasons behind it. For instance, new privacy laws are mandating organizations to tighten up their security. Await to come across to more consumer privacy laws passed in this year and more tightening of security arrangements.
  • ISPs are now assuming the responsibility to help us with our security. Many ISPs nowadays install internet security software, anti-spam guards, email spam protection, intrusion detection systems etc to protect their customers.
  • There is a plethora of advanced security software and hardware to assist us to be more secure and they’ll continue to get better. Competition right at present is strong in the security industry triggering a lot of innovation.
  • Authentication demands are increasing. This is closing down big security loopholes. Organizations are asking for a great deal of authentication to access secure systems (this also is on the bad news side).

Now the bad news:

  • Cyber-terrorists are becoming more advanced and knowledgeable. For instance, Botnets are getting more sophisticated and harder and harder to catch and stop. Do a search on botnets on the Internet and you will see how popular and dangerous are becoming. They really are causing many problems, but it does not stop there. The number of viruses, trojans and malware out there is astonishing.
  • Securing our networks is costly. Many corporations are globalizing their presence and making them secure costs a lot of money. It will become worse before it gets better.
  • Authentication demands are increasing. This is getting claustrophobic. Companies are asking for a great deal of authentication to access secure systems (This is also on the good news side) Unfortunately, for the end user, it is another thing to be unhappy about, not unlike airport security lines.
  • Spammers keep coming up with more creative ways to fill our email boxes. Don’t look for this trend to stop anytime soon.

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