How to Make Windows XP Run Like New

If your Windows XP is sluggish you may be wondering how to speed up Windows XP. Here are some guidelines to help you.

First you should know the basics of Windows XP. It is a Microsoft operating system similar to Windows Vista. It does not have as many capabilities as Windows Vista but the basic essentials are there including web browsing, email, secure web connections, and personalized desktops. Windows 7 is the next generation of Windows XP and Vista.

The first thing you need to know in order to speed up Windows XP is that there are free downloads and updates available through the Microsoft Windows XP website. If you have not done so already, you should immediately sign up for these free downloads and updates. They run security checks, look for viruses and repair many everyday problems. Always allow updates to run when you receive a message telling you that an update is available.

If your computer is still having issues it is always wise to start your computer in “safe mode.” By using “safe mode” you are allowing your computer to boot up with the fewest devices possible. By doing this you are avoiding any further damage being done to your computer. You can also repair windows XP online with a trusted patented service called Reimage. Check the Reimage Review page here.

Always be cautious when adding new programs or deleting old ones. If your Windows XP starts to have problems shortly after installing a new program, it could be this program that is causing the problem. Often times, when a program is deleted, fragments of it remain in your system; interfering with your computers functionality. In the above case, how to speed up Windows XP is rather simple. First, determine if a program has recently been added or deleted. The newly installed program may need to be removed. If you think the problem is caused by a deleted program; you will need to reinstall the deleted program and then delete it a second time.

You should periodically run scans on your computer to check for viruses and other problems. There are many excellent programs available for download. Many are also sold at retail stores. The scan will give you a report of any problems detected and will tell you what can be done to speed up Windows XP.
In general, the best advice to give a person wanting to speed up Windows XP is maintenance. Sign up for Windows updates, run regular scans, and have any viruses removed immediately.

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