How to Remove the Conficker – Downadup – Kido Worm

The new worm blast that affects almost all Windows versions listens to the name of Conficker or Downadup or Kido. It is estimated that around 50000 computers per hour are being infected with the Conficker worm all over the world. This worm spreads itself by exploiting the Microsoft vulnerability MS08-067. It is a very clever malware as it tries to break passwords by brute force attacks in order to take administrator access to the infected machines. It uses also network shares to copy itself over to other hosts. The worm code is so complicated that researchers are aggressively digging into it in order to engineer a cure for it. The new version of the worm is Conficker C and as known so far, on April 1st all the infected hosts will be taken under the control of a secret master bot network.

To remove the worm, first you need to patch your windows machine for vulnerability MS08-067. After that, you need a solid antispyware tool. You can download XoftSpySE below for a free scan of your computer for Conficker Worm

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