How to Unlock Wii Console-Unlock Wii for playing homebrew games and apps

Learn how to Unlock Wii console the easy way below:

Nintendo Wii is a great game console. It becomes even greater if you enable it to support Wii HomeBrew games and applications. But what is the Wii HomeBrew concept? Basically, Wii Homebrew software are FREE games, applications, and programs that are coded by people from all over the world in order to be used on the Wii Game Console. The good thing here is that Wii Homebrew programs are not licensed under Wii or Nintendo so they are completely free and you can download thousands upon thousands of such homebrew games and applications from the Internet and play them on your Wii console.

However, an out-of-the-box Wii is not able to support Homebrew games and apps. You need to Unlock your Wii console first. Moreover, unlocking your Wii has the following benefits as well:

  • It will turn your Wii into a home media center with support for many popular music and video formats including MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • An unlocked Wii will be able to play regular DVDs.
  • You can play backup games without problems.
  • You can also back-up your new games and use the backup copy instead of the original.
  • You can backup your games on regular DVDs.
  • You can play imported games from all regions including USA (NTSC) and Europe (PAL).
  • YOU CAN now play games from Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and other classic consoles right from your Wii.
  • And much more….

So, it goes without saying that in order to get the full potential and power of your Wii game console, you better unlock your Wii the soonest possible.

In the past, in order to unlock a Wii console you had to physically open up your device and install a special ModChip which meant instantly voiding your Warranty. Moreover, you were running the risk of totally destroying your console.

Fortunately, now there are better options available for SAFELY Unlocking your Wii. You can do this with Soft-Mod. This means that you just run some special software modification files which do all the magic of unlocking Wii. I have personally used a step-by-step guide with videos and instructions from a website called They provide all the soft-mod files needed together with videos and detailed instructions that take you by the hand to help you unlock Wii with no hassles. The good thing about that solution is that they support unlocking of any Wii firmware version. Visit their site HERE for more information if you want.

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