Internet Access Statistics for June 2008 in Europe

I stumbled upon an interesting statistics report by Eurobarometer survey showing the Internet access penetration in European countries between November and December 2007. It shows that Europe is becoming more computerised and Internet access and penetration is increasing among households across the European Union.

Some of the statistics are shown below:

  • Accessing the Internet through a broadband connection is increasingly popular in the European Union , while narrowband technology is losing ground: 36% of the total population now have broadband access (an increase of 8 points since winter 2007 and 13 points since 2006) and one in ten has a narrowband connection.
  • 22% of European households have difficulty contacting their Internet service provider about connection problems. A similar number said the cost of the support they get is not affordable.
  • The majority of households with an Internet connection access the web via an ADSL line (59%). The percentages using cable television network or standard telephones for that purpose are considerably lower.
  • The majority of European households (57%) have a computer and nearly half of the household population now has access to the Internet (49%).
  • The main reason by far for not having an Internet connection (49% of all households) is a lack of interest among household members (50%).
  • The share of households with a wifi router has increased significantly in the European Union. Around a fifth of the total household population (22%) now have such a device, i.e. 8 percentage points higher than in the winter 2007 survey.

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