PAL to NTSC Video DVD Conversion

Pal and NTSC are dissimilar video formats used in various regions and nations in the world. The NTSC format is prominently used in US and Canada, whereas Pal has its usage in both Africa and Europe.Most instances, you cannot play a DVD disc that has one format in any other DVD player supporting other format.If you doubt the origin of your DVD’s format, you usually accuse the defect to have come by because of a blank or substandard disc, but the fact is that both the disc format with the DVD player’s format could be mismatched.

DVD manufactures make their DVD according to regions of the world and how they classify it. DVD players made for one region cannot be expected to perform optimally when used in a different region; likewise DVD disc. This incompatibility often results in pictures appearing in black and white when they should be in color. The culprit to this is using DVD player specifically manufactured for one format with a DVD disc that supports a different format.

Once you identify this problem you are ready to go further since there is more to do. Once the cause is identified, then finding the solution is a matter of time. The other part of the problem is to convert pal DVD to NTSC and this has been troubling users for sometime. There are a number of way to solve the problem; getting a DVD player which can support both versions is the easiest and first to be considered, this is not a costly option, as it costs between $50 and $100 to get such a player; even though many players found in the market support both the formats. The other alternative is to get a player that doesn’t work in few regions alone; a region free DVD player is one not manufactured specific to any region. Such DVD players are programmed to run files of any format. DVD disc which are not differentiated by the region they are made or supplied to is another option, these discs are compatible with most player devices.

Still, there is one more option, which may be the most difficult to apply. This involves decrypting the video files, and having them written on the hard disk before you think of watching it by playing back. One can even do this manually or by using a convert Pal DVD to NTSC software. Such a software is avs4you which converts any video format available today. You might take more time than you normally would if you use the manual version and even then, it is not guaranteed to get the format correct the very first time. The software version which is used for the conversion between these two formats starts at $39. Albeit there are a few software with such function included, you need to select one convert Pal DVD to NTSC software and remain with it.

Usually there are user manuals with the Pal to NTSC software, with clear steps on conversion.While some convert automatically, there are others which need manual setting to perform. There are also freely available converters on the internet as freeware. Commercial versions are also available with extra features that guarantee better performance.

While it is not easy deciding which version will work best for your needs, it better to download the free convert Pal DVD to NTSC software versions, and work with them, if it turns out to satisfy your needs, then you really don’t need the commercial versions. But if you feel that something is still needed, then it is time to go for the commercial convert Pal DVD to NTSC software version. When next you are buying a DVD player or DVD disc, make sure that you check its compatibility with your region.

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