Playing HomeBrew Games and Apps on Wii Console

If you have ever played games on your personal computer or game platforms, you will sooner or later lose interest and enthusiasm for them because you begin to realize you have memorized the process. In the car races, for example, the number of turns and road hazards available are limited to those loaded in the program, and they are repeated each time you play.  When you already know all the turns to take when, interest fades and enthusiasm wanes. Even modifications to the car specifications can only be what are part of the race settings and you may yearn for the means to configure them to your liking.

What Homebrew is

Enter Homebrew. It is a means by which one can use the Wii console and its hardware, software, and accessories to run programs outside what Nintendo intended. Homemade games, engines that run older but favorite PC games, or playing DVDs on the Wii are only a few of the possibilities. Others include the capability to back up the settings and store them in another medium so you can restore them should anything go awry. And the best thing is that it is free, if you know how to apply them. So perhaps you should know how to use Homebrew on your Wii.

The hacking of Wii

As you know, hacking essentially consists of entering a computer program without the knowledge or permission of the owner. It was made infamous in movies when hackers created chaos in top secret defense programs by entering and altering the computer software used in the system. In this case, however, you own the system and that includes the software in use, so technically there is no illegal hacking done if you alter it to suit your needs.  Yet still, it is not what the manufacturer intended, so it is still hacking, though not the evil kind.

Hacking the Wii was first done via the program The Legend of Zelda, wherein an aberration in the program was prised open by Twilight Hack. It enabled hackers to use Wii to play games other than those intended for it. But this hole was quickly stopped up with updates from Nintendo and soon Twilight Hack was obsolete. Lately, however, a new hacking system, called Bannerbomb, came into the scene. It used Wii’s proprietary operating system to open it up, allowing the entry of the modifying software.

How it is done

First, download the HackMii Installer and put it with the Bannerbomb in an SD card. Put the card in the Wii console and you have the Homebrew channel showing up in the main menu.  After that you can either manually install the Homebrew games using a card reader, or via the Homebrew Browser which can install them automatically. Load the applications into the folder /apps, and you’re ready to go and use it for particular applications you may want.

Just one thing: Don’t let Nintendo update your console software or you will have to do it all over again.

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