Product Review WordPress Theme Review

There is a relatively new wordpress theme in town, called Product Review WordPress Theme. Well actually is not that new. Its almost one year old, and its developed by a company called cheapinternetmarketing. This company develops also some other nice marketing scripts and tools, such as Product Launch WordPress Theme, Viral Referrer and Squeeze Boss Theme.

I have bought the theme and installed it on one of my blogs. Looks really nice and professional. When doing product reviews, it is a must that you look credible and professional in order to convince the potential customer and click the buy button. Ofcourse, your product reviews must first be honest, accurate and reliable.

The theme works great for sites that review several products in a single niche. Also, it can be used on a site which has product reviews for several niches which are categorized inside the theme. Overall it is a great theme and gives you the ability to focus on writing and keyword research instead of messing around with complicated technical issues for setting up a nice looking theme.

I was reading the warriorforum before buying the theme, and there were some initial complaints about bugs etc. However, the developer has fixed all of them and the theme looks like its matured now. So, go ahead and buy if you want a good looking, professional, and flexible review theme for wordpress.

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