The birth of the Internet

The need of using a computer network for exchanging information was the reason the Internet was born. In the late 60’s, the American army was seeking a system that would ensure communication between army units in case the telephone network would collapse. University and military institutions have begun research in order to implement a communication network that would be resistant to disasters. So the idea of the “Net” was born.

The “Net” provides seamless flow of information even if some of its nodes cease to operate. In a “Net” topology, there are alternative routes through which data can pass to reach the recipient. This is the logic that was decided to be implement in 1972 by the working groups addressing the issue, known as InterNetworking Working Groups. The next crucial step was to develop a protocol that would be «smart» enough to understand what routes should be followed in a communication between sender and recipient. The truth is that it took several years to develop the TCP / IP. In August 1983, the Internet – known as Arpanet – consisted of 562 registered computers that could exchange electronic mail between them. Continue reading “The birth of the Internet”