Obama won the Internet Battle in the US elections

Great superiority in the Internet battle appears to have had the new president of the United States Barack Obama over his opponent McCain. According to Trendrr, an online statistical tool, shows clearly the primacy of Obama in the use of technology. 500 million blog posts refer to Obama as opposed to 150 million blog posts referring to McCain. Of course we can not know how these numbers evolved during the election period, nor can we know which of these posts are positive or negative.

Myspace and Twitter
The “Friends” of Obama in MySpace were 844,927 as opposed to 219,404 of McCain. Only between 3rd and 4th of November Obama won 10,000 new friends while McCain had just 964. In Twitter, Obama won 2865 new followers among the 3rd and 4th of November (a total of 118,107) while McCain had a total of 4942 followers!