The Steps to Prevent a Virus on a Windows Computer

Prevention of a virus is much easier to accomplish than repair. When a computer breaks down, the entire system crashes and wipes out everything including the Windows   application. System. although sometimes Windows is not involved. It really depends upon the virus attacking the system. There are several steps of prevention   that are simple and reduce the amount of work that a repair would so partake.

One important measure to take for the prevention of a virus on a computer system is to not open e-mails or advertisements that are from an unknown sender. When a user does open  these sites, his/her computer is at risk of being exposed to a virus, which can basically wipe out all related ,material, dependent upon the type of virus and extent of its damage. Any material that is stored on a Window application is definitely in danger of also being lost.

Another preventive step is to have all files backed up on CD’s or if   an individual would rather print hard copies, these files could be backed up the traditional way.

Another way of the prevention of a virus is to have a good antivirus application downloaded to run on a daily basis, in a consistent manner. Some individuals run an anti virus application two times a day, while others may prefer more than one type of antivirus application daily.

There are many antivirus applications that can be downloaded free of charge, or that have a free trial offer that can be used for a limited amount of time. A computer should be checked for virus infiltration regularly to ensure that a virus has not gone undetected. Viruses can linger and do extensive damage if not caught in the early stages.  This is why it is important to keep on top of the situation regarding computer safety, thus implementing the proper precautions relating to the prevention of a virus.

If there is a problem with any application system, including Windows, and a virus is suspected, one should immediately seek assistance from one of the following means;

  • Consult an online Tech desk
  • Research and follow the steps of an virus removal  kit
  • Call and talk to a repair technician who  will lead  you step by step through  wiping out a virus
  • Take an infected system to  a local computer repair shop,
  • Download antivirus applications for future uses.

If, by chance, one procedure is unsuccessful, another should be quickly implemented to bring the system back to normal as quickly as possible.   The longer that the virus is untouched, the more damage that it can and probably will cause.

If the Window application system is affected by a virus, there are several possible ways that this system can be restored, After the virus is  cleared, repair options include a system  restore feature, a Troubleshooting application, a new version of Windows, etc. It is then imperative to   seek professional help from a technology specialist if the Windows application is not properly working so that the prevention of a virus is possible.

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