Use always two antispyware – Best Free antispyware software

From my experience, the use of just one antispyware software to protect your home computer is never enough. Sometimes, antivirus suites include also an antispyware engine but I prefer to use my antivirus software for virus protection only and have dedicated antispyware tools specifically for their intended purpose. Especially since you can find excellent antispyware tools for free, thats another reason to download two different antispyware flavors for better protection.

I have researched and found the best free antispyware tools in my opinion and provide their URLs below:

  1. Spyware Terminator (
  2. AVG Antispyware (
  3. Threatfire (
  4. Spybot Search and Destroy (

Of course make sure to have only one realtime antispyware guard protection turned on to avoid conflicts.

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  1. yeap you are right…Spybot is pretty good too but I thought they stoped development of it, thats why I didn’t include it in my list

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