What is the best anti spyware program

A Computer virus is an executable program that has the ability to reproduce itself. This means that a virus is multiplied between computers, creating copies of itself. This multiplication is intentional by the virus and is usually the actual purpose of the malicious bug.

A virus can infiltrate a computer through several “entry points”. For Internet users, this can happen with downloading files, from email attachments, from network shares, from instant messaging applications etc. In the old days, viruses spread mainly by floppy disks.

When a virus infects a computer, it gets attached or replaces an existing program in the system. Thus, when the user runs the infected program, the virus is executed. This usually happens without the user knowing about the virus.

There are many types of computer viruses, such as file viruses, boot sector viruses, Trojan Horse, worms, spyware etc. Worms and Spyware are in my opinion the most dangerous among all the malware programs because usually their purpose is to steal personal data from the user (credit cards, passwords etc) or to take over the computer for sending spam.

A “general purpose” anti-virus tool is essential for your computer protection, but I believe that in addition to that, using a specialized anti spyware program is critical. To find the best anti spyware program you should look for something with a large spyware database with frequent updates, with detection capabilities for keyloggers, Trojans, hijackers, with protection against identity or credit card theft etc. For true computer protection, its essential to have a combination of a general-purpose antivirus with a specialized anti spyware protection program.

What is the best anti spyware program in the market?

I have used several freeware or commercial anti spyware tools for my computer but my vote for the best anti spyware program goes to Paretologic XoftSpySE. This is by far the best antispyware tool I have ever used.

[UPDATE] XoftSpySE is able to Successfully Remove the CONFICKER/DOWNADUP/KIDO Worm.

XoftSpySE is a spyware, adware, spybot, malware, keylogger, spy popup, and browser hijacker scanner and remover.

  • We highly recommend using XoftSpySE, as spyware is now just as big a threat as viruses.
  • XoftSpySE is designed to search and eliminate all known computer parasites that bog down the speed and capabilities of your PC.
  • XoftSpySE frequently updates its spyware definitions with free updates to keep you protected.
  • XoftSpySE should be used in conjunction with a good firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus software for complete PC protection. XoftSpySE does not detect viruses or manage spam.
  • Removes over 250,000 + harmful files/programs
xoftspyse 5 stars xoftspyse clean antispyware

Key features of this software:

  • Complete PC scanning, including running processes, registry entries, files and folders
  • Detects and removes: adware, spyware, pop-Up generators, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers, and malware
  • One of the largest spyware definition databases in the industry
  • Automatic definition and feature updates
  • Fast, powerful, and easy to use
  • Comprehensive customer technical support
  • Protects against identity and credit card theft

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