Windows XP Crash-Stop Windows Crash Guaranteed

Have you ever experienced a Windows XP crash? No, I’m not asking if your computer ever flew off your desk, across the room, and into your co-worker’s computer. I’m asking if you have ever experienced your computer freezing up or totally shut down. the Revolutionary Online PC Repair Tool! Click here!

A Windows XP crash occurs when one or more programs stop operating correctly. This is often caused by files on hard drive coming into contact with the electromagnetic parts inside your computer.

As with everything in life, a Windows XP crash can be minor or fatal. A minor crash usually results in your computer freezing up. After a minor crash it is necessary to restart your computer in safe mode. When you reboot in safe mode you are starting your computer with only the basic necessities running. In this way, the problem can be isolated and further damage prevented. A serious crash will result in what is known as the “blue screen of death.” If you get this there is not much you can do except call a technician.

There are ways you can prevent a Windows XP crash.
The first is to keep your work area and your computer clean. Sounds like common sense but we all eat while sitting at our computer. Crumbs and liquids make their way into the hard drive causing major problems. Weekly dusting of your computer is also helpful. Dust contains dirt, microscopic bugs, and a bunch of other nasty things just waiting to corrupt your files.

Remove unnecessary programs. You know, that computer game you haven’t played in over a year–things like that.

Reduce the amount of start-ups on your computer. Start-ups are those icons you have on your screen when the computer comes on. We all like them because they are shortcuts that take us directly to the program we want. The problem is that the more start-ups we have, the more work our computer has to do when booting up. The more work it has to do to start, the more likely something will go wrong and your computer will freeze.

Be diligent about sending error reports to Microsoft. These reports tell Microsoft about any bugs in your system. Microsoft uses these reports to figure out what updates are needed. Allowing updates to download onto your computer is a sure fire way to avoid a Windows XP crash.

Most importantly, to avoid a Windows XP crash, invest in quality antivirus protection. the Revolutionary Online PC Repair Tool! Click here!

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