The birth of the Internet

The need of using a computer network for exchanging information was the reason the Internet was born. In the late 60’s, the American army was seeking a system that would ensure communication between army units in case the telephone network would collapse. University and military institutions have begun research in order to implement a communication network that would be resistant to disasters. So the idea of the “Net” was born.

The “Net” provides seamless flow of information even if some of its nodes cease to operate. In a “Net” topology, there are alternative routes through which data can pass to reach the recipient. This is the logic that was decided to be implement in 1972 by the working groups addressing the issue, known as InterNetworking Working Groups. The next crucial step was to develop a protocol that would be «smart» enough to understand what routes should be followed in a communication between sender and recipient. The truth is that it took several years to develop the TCP / IP. In August 1983, the Internet – known as Arpanet – consisted of 562 registered computers that could exchange electronic mail between them. Continue reading “The birth of the Internet”

Hello eFax, Goodbye Fax machine – Send a fax from your email

Green technologies are on the rise. Indeed, if we want to save our planet, “Green” habits have to be adopted everywhere, from technology to everyday life. Saving on paper and ink resources is a huge step towards cost savings for any company, but also is a huge improvement for the environment.

There are several internet fax service providers in the communication technology market that allow you to send and receive electronic faxes through the internet mainly by using your email. Basically the eFax provider that you sign up with will assign you a real fax number which will be associated with your email address. All fax communication is taken care by the eFax provider.

Some of the advantages of using an electronic fax service compared with the traditional fax machine are the following:

  • Environmental friendly: Reducing consumption of fax paper, toner, and ink cartridges not only reduces costs, it’s also the best thing to do for the environment. Printing every fax page on paper creates trash and costs money.
  • Increases Productivity – Reduces Time: Do everything from your Computer. Just attach the electronic document you want to send on an email and off you go. Also, received faxes can be viewed from anywhere you have email access, even from your PDA or Blackberry phone.
  • Better Reliability: Forget the old fax machine that was hanging up on your phone line, or the busy tones. Sending faxes in email communication is more reliable than ever.
  • Reduced Cost: Basically the monthly fee you pay to your efax service provider is less than the cost of a dedicated phone line and for the long distance calls when sending a fax. Plus you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs of a dedicated hardware fax machine (paper, toner, fault maintenance etc).

How it Works


When someone sends you a Fax (with a normal Fax machine using a telephone line), the eFax provider’s server receives the Fax on your behalf and converts it into an electronic document (PDF, TIFF etc). The eFax provider can also store the FAX on their server for backup. After the FAX is converted to a digital document, it is send as an attachment to your email.


To send an electronic fax, just attach the document you want to send (e.g Word Document, scanned hardcopy image etc) to an email message, and send it to the destination fax number with the following email format: <destination-fax-number>@<efax-provider-domain>.com

For example, if the destination fax number is 123456789 and you are using efax provider, then send your email to

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