How to Fix Windows XP Without Reinstalling Windows

“Do you know how to fix Widows XP?” a friend recently asked. She was calling me on the phone desperate. She was right in the middle of doing something important when her computer starting acting up. She was getting error messages and she hadn’t a clue of what to do. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of trying to reinstall her Windows XP program.

First, she couldn’t find her disks. When she finally found them she put them in before she backed up her system information. Poof! Just like that it was all gone, everything–her programs, files, photos, and that very important business paper she was working on.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her, but she did all of that for nothing. There are much more easier ways she could of done it. The trick is that you have to know how to fix Windows XP. It doesn’t take a scientist to do it but you do have to be diligent about system updates and patient when performing scans. If such a scenario has happened to you, don’t panic. There are some excellent repair software which you can use to repair windows without having to reinstall windows. Such an all-in-one repair kit is Spotmau. You can find a spotmau powersuite 2010 review here.

My friend didn’t know what updates are so she never allowed them to be put on her computer. Always allow updates from Microsoft.  These updates install protection against the latest viruses, debug programming errors, and help repair minor problems.

My friend wasn’t bother about sending error reports. She thought it was a waste of time. I used to think that same thing. Until one day my computer completely shut down. The (very expensive) technician that came to my house was quick to inform me that error reports send crucial information to the technical team at Microsoft. They use these reports to figure out what updates are needed. Many minor problems can be solved by simply sending error reports and allowing updates.

Unfortunately for my friend she didn’t do these things. Instead she ignored the problems until they became huge problems. Now she was stuck not knowing how to fix Windows XP.

She was about to call a technician when I suggested that instead, she should try downloading a software package.  I brought one after I got tired of giving my hard earned money to a computer repairman. The package I downloaded has everything: scans to look for computer problems and viruses, a performance report, and then it repairs the problems before they turn into huge problems.

Know how to fix Windows XP before you attempt to reinstall Windows. I wish that I had given this advice to my friend before she had lost so much.

How to Fix Windows XP Errors

You are right in the middle of something important, maybe you are typing a school report or paying bills online, and then you get an error message. What do you do? Don’t freak out and don’t call an expensive repair technician. Many problems can be dealt with by the user or using an online repair service. You don’t have to be a high tech geek to be able to fix Windows XP. Most problems are simple and can be corrected with minimal time and effort.

Microsoft has a guided program that checks for hard disk drive errors. These errors are extremely dangerous because they can cause your computer to crash. The program is free and easy to use. You just download the program and follow the step by step directions.

Windows XP service packs provide on-line updates to your computer.  These updates keep your Windows XP current and error free. This is an excellent way to fix Windows XP before more serious problems arise.

If you get an error report it is always best to send it to Microsoft. The people at Microsoft keep track of error reports so that they can find problems and fix them quickly. An error report consists of the date and time of the error, what the error was, what programs you have installed on your computer, and what programs were running when the error occurred.  Microsoft technicians analyze the error reports to determine the problem. Then they go about finding a solution. Once a solution is found, your computer will be sent an update to solve the problem. Always allow updates to be uploaded to your computer. Updates are secure and come directly from either Microsoft or your computer’s manufacturer.

If you still have problems there are many websites offering service products that may help you. Many sites offer free scans.  While scans are free most will want you to buy a complete package to fix any errors which are found during the scan.  Security programs, problem scans, and computer repair programs are usually packaged neatly in one bundle. While they may seem costly, they are usually cheaper than repair shops and home service technicians.  An example of an excellent online repair service for Windows XP is Reimage. You can find a Reimage Review here.

With computers being such a necessity for today’s busy lifestyles, it is important to keep them running at top efficiency.  This is why I suggest buying a packaged bundle when you need to fix Windows XP.

Fix Windows XP with Reimage-Reimage Review

Reimage has been a savior for thousands of Windows XP users that do not have much time and money for repairing their computer when it starts to become problematic. All you have to do with the Reimage repair service is just connect online to their website and perform a thorough scan and repair of your Windows PC. Many people have done this and have taken the benefits of a cheap, reliable and safe repair service without needing to call for an expensive computer technician.

Reimage is basically an online computer repair service that for the moment works only for Windows XP operating system (Vista support is planned for the future). It can fix your Windows XP system when it becomes dead slow, when it crashes all the time, when it gets infected from viruses and Trojans, and basically when its stability and security are compromised. It has received many positive reviews, not only from regular computer users but also from giants in technology like NetworkWorld, InformationWeek, etc. You can find a Reimage Review Here.

Windows users have got a pretty big relief from their computer stability and security problems. Major problems, which people are facing now days, are concerned with the PC security. The Trojans and viruses present online get into your operating system and spoil it drastically. All these problems can be solved, by just giving a visit to website. It’s a point where you can have the solution for your entire problems in just a short time period.

The website provides the scan, which checks the PC’s damaged files and then, it provides the solution to those damaged files in a very short time period. The content of the PC remains fully under cover and unaltered. Mr. Richard Jones who is having windows XP on his PC is very much impressed by this website. He said that” the website has solved all my problems without actually spending much amount of money on it”. Mr. Charles Miller who is also a frequent user of this website said that “the website is developed totally in a user friendly environment and it gives you access to your remote problems on your operating system so that you can solve them”. The website has a collection of about 25 millions files in repository to sure your operating system. The files are stored in the Content Network Distribution system that can be easily accessed when you need them, while checking and scanning your PC. To use the website facilities just log on to the following link:

The reimage service is having all the solutions for the problems that are related to the Windows XP. It not only provides the fixation of the damage files but you can also replace the damaged and deleted files of the operating system from the website. The members of the website are getting good benefits by this problem solving technique. Many people have expressed their views on the website facilities. The website not only scans and fixes the problematic areas of your operating system but also provides precaution measures to your operating system, so that you can easily operate your PC in the future. The reimage reviews that are available online will help you in choosing an appropriate scan for your PC. The scans are both free of cost or paid scan. Just check your scanning needs and then take the membership from the website which will definitely help you in the future. The people who have taken up these memberships have also expressed their feeling on the website in terms of reviews.

The importance of Windows Backup-How to Make File Backup using Spotmau Powersuite 2010

With this article we are going to explain the importance of Windows disk file back up. This will explain what you need to take the back up from your computer and how to back up the most important files regularly. Some examples of data that is important to save at  backup location is registry backup, Outlook data backup, Messenger data Backup, desktop settings backup, system files, and shell backup.

Why we have to take back up?

If you are either new to computer field or if you are an experienced computer user, you must know the importance of data backup. We have to take backup of the system because computers can fail without giving any warning messages. If you are not taking proper backup, then there is chance to lose very important files. So you have the responsibility to take regular backups of your data.

Which data is important to backup

Important computer locations that we need to save may change from system to system and from installation to installation. For example, take Windows 2000 and Vista installation, the path of the critical files of these two OS systems is different. But if you are using Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool, then it is easy to locate your critical files to backup. Spotmau Powersuite 2010 program automatically locates the proper paths, files and folders under any Microsoft OS such as Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95 platforms. Spotmau Powersuite 2010 will take 100% guaranteed backup without missing any files or folders. It is very easy to take backup of your folders and documents with the help of Spotmau 2010 tool. This tool is useful for both advanced users as well as beginners.

Backup Best Practices

  • Taking backup in regular basis is very important. Don’t store you backup files in your hard disk, because a hard disk failure or a virus attack or a computer crash will wipe out everything. So store your backup files in your storage media on regular basis.
  • Keep several backup copies of your data. If you have taken only one backup copy and that is not working at the time of restoring then it will become a headache, so try to take at least two copies of backups.
  • Before taking backups you should decide which your important files are and which are not. Save only the important files. If you are taking entire hard disk as backup then it is time consuming process as well as storage intensive.
  • If you want to take your files backup automatically, then use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool and schedule the time when it should take the backup of your important files.

If you are trying to have backups manually you may miss some files which are supporting to your OS. If you use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool, then you will never miss those important files while having backup. It will locate all those necessary files and have them backed up as well. Check out the following Spotmau Powersuite 2010 review for more information.

How to Optimize and Clean Up My Windows Vista or XP

Our new computers work fast but when they become older then it seems to become slower. When computer is new it looks like screamer but after installing dozens of programs, loading antivirus tools and antispyware tools, and downloading number of junk from the Internet, the speed slows down drastically. One day you will realize that slowdown when you are trying to open a program or a file.

To bring your PC working condition back as before you can use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool, which makes your PC work better without adding anything to your hardware. In addition to that, the following activities might help you as well.

Delete those programs you never use

All manufacturers of PCs install their own products which you didn’t order and those may not be useful for you. In those, some programs are trial editions that the PC manufacturer hopes that you may use them and find the usefulness in the software and then upgrade to full version. If you think that those are not useful for you just delete them, because keeping those unnecessary software programs in your PC may cause slow down of your PC by using extra memory, processing power and disk space.

But many people don’t know which programs should delete and which programs we have to keep in our PC, because if we delete OS related files, then our system will not work any more. To avoid this type of confusion, Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool brings you a simple option to delete these unwanted programs from your PC. So many programs are running in background while starting up the system such as disk cleaners, virus scanners and many people don’t know they are running in background at the time of system startup.

We may forget to delete some programs which are installed by the manufacturers and causes slow down your PCs working condition. To identify these programs use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 to delete these programs from your PC and check how much faster your PC will become.

Limit the programs loaded at startup time

Many software manufacturers load their software automatically at the time of Windows startup. If you are using those software programs by clicking their icons, then there is no problem, but if you are not using them, this wastes huge amount of memory and slows down your PC and Windows will take much longer to finish loading.

To limit the number of programs loaded at startup time, use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool. This tool will help you to identify which programs are running at Windows startup time and which are running unnecessarily. You can stop those programs which are running unnecessarily by using Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool.

Defragment and clean up your disk

Fragmented data will take extra hard disk space which causes slow down of your PC working capacity. Defragmentation will rearrange your fragmented data and make your PC more efficient. To do this you can use Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool, in this you can schedule the defragmentation time, which allows you to do it automatically. If you want to make your computer run faster, then clean up unnecessary files from hard disk. You can perform both disk clean-up and defragmentation and registry clean-up by using Spotmau Powersuite 2010.

Spotmau Powersuite 2010 tool is better than any other tool to make your computer run faster.