Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Voice Recognition Software

It can be difficult for some to sit in front of the computer all day long. This is not considered a very physical occupation, but there is some stress that is put on parts of the body. One of the best benefits to using voice recognition software is that it takes the pressure off the joints that are used for typing. This can also help to increase productivity as more words can get on the page than when typing them in manually.

One of the major issues for those who spend many hours in front of the computer is carpel tunnel. Ergonomic equipment can be a huge help, but these products cannot kill all of the pain. The software can cut this pain down tremendously as less time is spent typing at the desk and keyboard.

Not everyone has the skills to type fast and to get the documents done quickly. Most just get by searching for the keys that they want. Only those who are trained to type can offer more than a few words a minute and even fewer can do more than sixty words a minute. Voice recognition software can actually make poor typists into incredibly fast ones that can put out nearly a hundred words a minute when the software is trained correctly.

One of the most time consuming issues is editing the completed document. It can take time to search throughout the entire document to find the one word that needs changing. All you have to do with voice recognition software is to give the command and say the word. Each edit can be done in the same way.

What this boils down to is less time working on a single document and this can translate into more earnings. Those who actually type for a living are going to notice improvements in the amount of documents that they can pump out in a shorter amount of time. More work can be completely daily and the cash flow is going to double because of this.

Some may just want to be able to be more productive and have more time to do other things. This can still lead to more money as there is going to be free time even if taking on more work each day. Those who were working twelve hour days can cut this back to eight and still increase their daily income.

While there are many other technologies that do the world more good, voice recognition software is considered the best by those who sit at their computers typing daily. For those who only use it when they get tired, the investment is well worth it. Anyone who is experiencing pain while typing is going to be able to type faster and with much less pain involved.

Taking Advantage Of All The Options Can Maximize Speech Recognition Software

Those who want to up their productivity may have considered speech recognition software to enable them to get documents prepared much quicker by typing what is spoken. If this software is not used correctly, the results may be less than stellar. Take advantage of everything this software has to offer by using the following tips and tricks.

Microphone – The microphone may be included in the packaging in order to make it more appealing. The problem is that these microphones are not top of the line. Even though they work, they may not be able to get all of the sounds that are needed to put into words. Purchase a good quality microphone in order to utilize the software to the best degree.

Training-the software must be trained properly in order for it to do what it is supposed to and many try to skip this step. This is very important because if the software does not have the time to learn the voice, it is not going to work. This can save frustration down the road when creating documents.

Annunciating-do not forget to annunciate the words being spoken. This is probably the most important aspect of training the software because if it does not recognize the words, they are going to come out garbled. Speak clearly and concisely so that the software can understand the words that are being spoken.

Speak Slowly-while you may be able to talk fast, the software may not be able to keep up at first. After the software gets used to the verbiage that is being used as well as the speech patterns, it can increase its pace. This does not mean speaking a word every minute, but slow down the normal pace at first.

Use the Software for Everything-many people think that they only need to use it for word processing and that lessens its effectiveness. This type of software can be used for everything including surfing the net. Not only does it make the computer hands free, but it helps in the training process and can make the software much more productive.

It can be frustrating sitting in front of a computer all day. This is the best aspect of speech recognition software as it gets you away from the computer and doing other things. It is important to train the software and yourself in order to get the most out of it as the more it is used, the more effective it is.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software Can Increase Production

Many people get frustrated when they have to sit in front of the keyboard for a long length of time. It is not only frustrating, but it can be tiring as well as unhealthy. Dragon speech recognition software can help make getting these documents prepared much quicker and with less frustration.

Those who have to type for long amounts of time for work know how sore their wrists and fingers can get after just a few hours. Those who do not have to do this type of work do not understand how painful this can be. The fact is that carpet tunnel is a legitimate injury and often times can only be repaired by having painful surgeries.

Not only do wrists and fingers suffer, but the forearms can as well. This is because of the position of them during a long session at the keyboard. As the day wears on, this pain can increase for the person until they simply cannot take the pain anymore. Some cannot even move their arms to drive home because of the intensity of this pain.

Finally, the elbows can also suffer from pain because of the position of the arms when typing for long hours. These are typically resting on the table and the pressure to them can be painful. This pain can actually start a chain reaction that can include pain that goes into the shoulders, back and neck. It can even lead to migraines in some cases.

Not only do health reasons make using software such as this a plus, but the amount that can be produced is also an issue. Using a computer to input data is something that is done in nearly every profession. Unless typing classes or lessons were taken, the skills needed to this type or work will not be present.

Voice recognition software can help those who have no skill to make the most out of their time on the computer. This can dramatically cut the time that they are spending at the keyboard. Those who do not work by the hour but by the amount of their production are going to find that they can make much more money per day.

No matter if there is a great deal of pain or if there are productivity issues, Dragon speech recognition software can help. This software package sets the standards for this industry for those who are in pain or who have problems typing quickly and efficiently. Once it is being used, there is going to be a noticeable difference in the time it takes to pump out documents quickly and pain free.

Professionals Use Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 In Their Work

It can be time consuming to have to manually enter information for those who are professionals. This task can be thought to be the main work of those who are not in the professional sphere, but this is a falsehood. One way to save time is to use a program such as Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, which saves time for these busy professionals.

Not everyone knows how to type proficiently and they can be overwhelmed when they have many documents that need to be completed. This can be incredibly time consuming when there is a great deal of work that has to be completed. This is especially true when the assistant or secretary used to get it done in 15 minutes and it takes you hours to do.

Not every physician or attorney can afford to have a secretary or any help, especially now with the economy on the downturn that it has taken. It is important to have the skills to do the side work that is required on their own. They have to cut back on their workforce just like every other industry is doing. This means that those duties that were handled by others are now their own responsibility.

There is a lot of paperwork to handle for doctors and attorneys. While there are those that can afford to have people to help with these tasks, that option is not always there. The fact is that not a lot of doctors and lawyers are great at doing this side work because they have never had to in the past. They simply did not learn these skills because they had assistants who would do this work for them.

Taking on this workload can mean a great deal of late nights and long hours at the office, but Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 can actually take some of the pressure off the professional. Once the program is installed and set up for voice activation, the professional can create documents as quickly as they can speak. This can aid them in getting the documentation prepared much quicker and can allow them to save valuable time.

One of the best aspects of this program is that it can be set up and purchased for doctors and attorneys. All of the terms that are used in their profession are already set up, so there is nothing to do but program it with the individual voice. After this is done, the doctor or lawyer will have a new assistant to handle all of their paperwork, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is the closest thing to having a secretary or assistant there to type up the documents. It is nearly one hundred percent accurate and can be purchased for specific professions. Those who need to downsize their office do not have to panic at the thought of creating all the documents that are needed when they have a program that can handle this load.

How to Remove the Conficker – Downadup – Kido Worm

The new worm blast that affects almost all Windows versions listens to the name of Conficker or Downadup or Kido. It is estimated that around 50000 computers per hour are being infected with the Conficker worm all over the world. This worm spreads itself by exploiting the Microsoft vulnerability MS08-067. It is a very clever malware as it tries to break passwords by brute force attacks in order to take administrator access to the infected machines. It uses also network shares to copy itself over to other hosts. The worm code is so complicated that researchers are aggressively digging into it in order to engineer a cure for it. The new version of the worm is Conficker C and as known so far, on April 1st all the infected hosts will be taken under the control of a secret master bot network.

To remove the worm, first you need to patch your windows machine for vulnerability MS08-067. After that, you need a solid antispyware tool. You can download XoftSpySE below for a free scan of your computer for Conficker Worm

free download xoftspyse

What is the best anti spyware program

A Computer virus is an executable program that has the ability to reproduce itself. This means that a virus is multiplied between computers, creating copies of itself. This multiplication is intentional by the virus and is usually the actual purpose of the malicious bug.

A virus can infiltrate a computer through several “entry points”. For Internet users, this can happen with downloading files, from email attachments, from network shares, from instant messaging applications etc. In the old days, viruses spread mainly by floppy disks.

When a virus infects a computer, it gets attached or replaces an existing program in the system. Thus, when the user runs the infected program, the virus is executed. This usually happens without the user knowing about the virus.

There are many types of computer viruses, such as file viruses, boot sector viruses, Trojan Horse, worms, spyware etc. Worms and Spyware are in my opinion the most dangerous among all the malware programs because usually their purpose is to steal personal data from the user (credit cards, passwords etc) or to take over the computer for sending spam.

A “general purpose” anti-virus tool is essential for your computer protection, but I believe that in addition to that, using a specialized anti spyware program is critical. To find the best anti spyware program you should look for something with a large spyware database with frequent updates, with detection capabilities for keyloggers, Trojans, hijackers, with protection against identity or credit card theft etc. For true computer protection, its essential to have a combination of a general-purpose antivirus with a specialized anti spyware protection program.

What is the best anti spyware program in the market?

I have used several freeware or commercial anti spyware tools for my computer but my vote for the best anti spyware program goes to Paretologic XoftSpySE. This is by far the best antispyware tool I have ever used.

[UPDATE] XoftSpySE is able to Successfully Remove the CONFICKER/DOWNADUP/KIDO Worm.

XoftSpySE is a spyware, adware, spybot, malware, keylogger, spy popup, and browser hijacker scanner and remover.

  • We highly recommend using XoftSpySE, as spyware is now just as big a threat as viruses.
  • XoftSpySE is designed to search and eliminate all known computer parasites that bog down the speed and capabilities of your PC.
  • XoftSpySE frequently updates its spyware definitions with free updates to keep you protected.
  • XoftSpySE should be used in conjunction with a good firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus software for complete PC protection. XoftSpySE does not detect viruses or manage spam.
  • Removes over 250,000 + harmful files/programs
xoftspyse 5 stars xoftspyse clean antispyware

Key features of this software:

  • Complete PC scanning, including running processes, registry entries, files and folders
  • Detects and removes: adware, spyware, pop-Up generators, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers, and malware
  • One of the largest spyware definition databases in the industry
  • Automatic definition and feature updates
  • Fast, powerful, and easy to use
  • Comprehensive customer technical support
  • Protects against identity and credit card theft

free download xoftspyse

For a limited time only you can receive a full version of RegCure Registry Cleaner, absolutely FREE as a gift when you register for XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware. Click the image below to receive your free gift.

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FREE Eset NOD32 4 Beta Antivirus

ESET NOD32 and Smart Security are among the best security software that offer very good protection against malicious code, viruses, etc. Now NOD32 Smart Security enters a new phase with the fourth edition to be in a beta stage and also FREE up to 02/03/2009. At present no information on the final release date is available. Some of the characteristics of the program include the following:

  • ESET now includes SysInspector, the free tool that does not need to be installed and is used to analyze the system, processes, services, entries in the registry, presents data on the computer, etc.
  • Improved technical analysis of removable media (removable disk, etc.)
  • Statistical analysis for each item being scanned
  • Improved cleaning and self-defense
  • Protection to web surfing, etc.

You can download the beta version here. Works only on Windows 32bit and 64bit.

ESET Antivirus software solution is rapidly gaining market share from larger players like Symantec, McAfee etc. ESET claims that they designed the lightest and fastest antivirus tool in the industry. For the Home and Home-Office market, ESET offers two software solutions:

  • ESET Nod32 4 Antivirus
  • This is the classic Antivirus/Antispyware tool with ThreatSense® technology which uses multiple levels of threat detection to protect you even from Unknown new attacks (or zero-day attacks) that other vendors have not even discovered yet. ESET Nod32 4 is one of the fastest and lightest antivirus tools requiring few system resources.

  • ESET Smart Security 4
  • This package adds a Firewall and Antispam functionality to the Nod32 4 Antivirus mentioned above. It protects your computer from being compromised by Internet threats and also adds antispam email protection for Outlook, Outook Express, Thunderbird and other popular mail clients.

Top 5 Free Personal Firewall Software

A personal firewall software installed on your Home Computer should be one of the weapons in your security software arsenal. Combined with a reliable antivirus and antispyware suit, a personal firewall offers a strong security barrier against malicious attacks and personal data theft. A good firewall should control both inbound and outbound traffic to and from your PC, so that any data leakage can be noticed immediately.

Below is a list of the top 5 free firewall software that you can download and install for your PC protection.

  1. COMODO Firewall Pro FREE (DOWNLOAD)
  2. Comodo is delivering this highly rated firewall free as a cornerstone of an initiative to empower consumers to create a safe and trusted online experience. In addition to the excellent inbound/outbound firewall engine, Comodo includes also a host intrusion prevention module, malware scan engine for checking for viruses, trojans and spyware and many other features that you don’t usually find in free products. It is our top recommendation.

  3. Sunbelt Personal Firewall (DOWNLOAD)
  4. After Sunbelt has acquired Kerio, the well known Kerio firewall product is now called Sunbelt Personal Firewall. Its a pretty good choice when you want just a firewall engine that checks both inbound and outbound connections with low performance impact on your computer.

  5. Zone Alarm (DOWNLOAD)
  6. Checkpoint, one of the leaders in Enterprise Firewalls, got into the end-user market by acquiring Zone Alarm. The Free Basic Firewall version of Zone Alarm is a good choice but with somewhat limited capabilities compared with their commercial firewall versions. It provides inbound/outbound protection and stealth mode operation.

  7. Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free (DOWNLOAD)
  8. The free Outpost firewall makes your computer invisible on the Internet, locks your computer’s internet ports against intrusion, let’s you decide what applications should be trusted, prevents your computers from being controlled remotely and many more.

  9. Ashampoo Free Firewall (DOWNLOAD)
  10. Ashampoo monitors both incoming and outgoing computer’s network activity for providing a heavy-duty firewall protection. With two modes of operation (Easy mode and Expert Mode) is suitable for both novice and expert users. In “Learning Operation” it automatically identifies programs that try to make connections and lets the user decide whether to allow them or not.

Top 5 Web Security Tools

Web applications are everywhere in our Internet era. Web servers suffer the most security attacks from all applications. I believe that having a  routine schedule for testing the web servers and web applications for security weaknesses is an essential step to protect the security of the whole organization.

I suggest the following Web Vulnerability scanners for Ethical Security Testing of your Web servers or web applications accordingly.

  1. Nikto (DOWNLOAD)
  2. Nikto is an excellent tool for web testing. It is Open Source (Free) and runs on Linux and other Unix variants. It checks your web server for over 3500 potentialy dangerous CGIs and files, versions on over 900 servers, and version specific problems on over 250 servers. There is an automatic update feature on the tool which downloads the latest plugins. Latest version at the time of writing is 2.03. Works also in windows as Wikto.

  3. Paros Proxy (DOWNLOAD)
  4. Because Paros is Java based, it can work in cross platforms and supports many operating systems. It just requires Java JRE/JDK 1.4.2 or above. It is also free. When you enable Paros or your computer, it starts a local Web Proxy server which you use to point your Browser to it. Paros proxy then intercepts all HTTP traffic communication between your browser and web server in order to edit/view HTTP messages on the fly. It includes a web spider and scanner for common web application attacks.

  5. WebScarab (DOWNLOAD)
  6. WebScarab is designed to be a tool for a security specialist to identify vulnerabilities in the way that the application has been designed or implemented and also allows web developers to debug http problems. In its simplest form, WebScarab works as an intercepting proxy (similar with Paros) allowing the user to modify and edit web requests and messages between a web browser and server.

  7. HP WebInspect (DOWNLOAD)
  8. Formerly a tool from SPI Dynamics, now acquired by HP. It is a commercial and powerful tool for web application scanning. HP WebInspect performs web application security testing and assessment for today’s complex web applications, built on emerging Web 2.0 technologies. It can also check that a Web server is configured properly, and attempts common web attacks such as parameter injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, and more.

  9. Whisker (DOWNLOAD)
  10. Another great open source and free tool for CGI vulnerability scanning.


10 Free Downloads for your Network

I was reading an interesting article the other day in computerworld.com and thought about sharing it with you guys. It basically suggests 10 free software tools that you can download to make your network easier to use, troubleshoot and maintain. These freebies will help everyone from networking pros to networking newbies and everyone in between.

Although there are plenty of free network software out there, the article concentrates on the lesser-known tools, which however can be very useful for keeping your network secure; creating a quick, navigable network map; scanning networks and putting together a list of all connected devices; checking to see if your servers are up and running; even designing networks and more.

I will just list the free software tools below and you can just check them out for a description on their website:

  1. Network Magic (www.networkmagic.com)
  2. Spiceworks IT Desktop (www.spiceworks.com)
  3. NetLimiter Monitor (www.netlimiter.com)
  4. Network Notepad (www.networknotepad.com)
  5. Advanced Net Tools (www.dreamsyssoft.com/advanced-net-tools)
  6. Advanced IP Scanner (www.radmin.com/products/utilities/ipscanner.php)
  7. DreamSys Server Monitor (www.dreamsyssoft.com/servmon.php)
  8. Technitium MAC Address Changer (www.technitium.com)
  9. NetBrute Scanner (www.rawlogic.com)
  10. RogueScanner (www.paglo.com/opensource/roguescanner)